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7th April 2021

Lisette Lucas:



Podcast 62. PM Evening Activation, The Meditation To End Your Day Completely Relaxed, Calm And Successful So You Can Shift To The Frequency Of EnergyJoy And Beyond! 


You know those days where things all turned out very differently to how you expected? 

I have good news for days such as this! 

With this evening activation you can transform any heaviness and tension of the day before going to sleep. 


So that you can remove yourself and be free from all that happened in the day allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved night’s sleep. 


With the AM & PM Activation from Podcast #61 & #62, you can shift your life and energy to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond. The frequency in which you can handle everything! Regardless of what life throws at you. 


(You can find all show notes of this episode with all information and links at:


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Welcome to Podcast #62!


To start, I hope you have also become acquainted with podcast #61: The AM Morning Activation. If not, I advise you to listen to #61 in the morning as well. Because yes, Podcasts 61 & 62 belong together, they form a set of 2 activations which you can use to shift all by yourself, from your own safe environment. 


All you have to do is make the commitment to yourself. 


My advice: listen to these AM & PM activations every morning and evening for 21 days and your life & energy will shift!


The strength is in the daily repetition. Then your subconscious will overwrite old pieces that no longer serve you and these new positives become your new programming and state of being. 

Think of it as a wonderfully relaxed software update. 


I know from my own experience how powerful and successful this is (I spoke about this in podcast #61).


After this PM evening Activation you can be wonderfully free from heaviness (and I actually mean by that free from negativity, but I prefer to call it heaviness because that feels lighter hahaha)   


And you can choose to shift and transform the meaning you have given to certain events and/or situations of the day.


Because as you may recall from previous podcasts: it's never the situation or event that has an effect, it's the meaning we give it. 


So if you follow my voice in the activation, you can experience how we shift the meaning. 


I would say, give yourself this gift. Because you are so, so worth it! 

It's only a few minutes a day. And the effect can be absolutely life-changing. 


Just go and experience it for yourself. 


As always, only listen to this recording if you are not driving a vehicle or working with heavy machinery. (Because of the relaxing effect.)


I wish you a wonderfully relaxing Activation for a wonderful, well-deserved night's rest. 



Script EnergyJoy PM Evening Activation is not available. 

You can listen to the meditation via .


Welcome back. 

I wish you a wonderful and beautiful night, let everything go and trust.


Thank you so much for listening to my podcast and doing the PM Evening activation. 

Start strong again tomorrow morning with your AM Morning Activation so that your energy can start to shift. 


At:  you will find the show notes of this episode and do you want to learn and discover more in the field of energy?

Then my free Masterclass is an absolute must! 

In addition, the online Master Your Intuition Academy will soon start again with a new group of enthusiastic students. And will also start recordings this month for my 2nd digital online training program called: Master your Inner-Medium Academy!


So much beauty ahead! And yes, there is so much beauty available for you too! You can achieve anything you want. As long as you believe in it! 


I wish you a wonderful night full of beautiful dreams, and please share your experience and also share it with people who can use it too. Thanks again for listening, sweet dreams and see you next time!


Love Lisette 


Music by Silencio Music 


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2021

62. PM Evening Activation

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