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24th february 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 56. Shift Depression: 3 Insights And 2 Steps To Support And Help You + Free Meditation.


Perhaps you are in that seemingly endless loop of depression. It feels like there is no way out and no cure for you. 


Recognisable? Then this podcast is for you. You will discover what really underlies it and how you can easily shift that with the power of your brilliant mind.


Listen to the free meditation daily and your life will shift. 


With these insights and tools for the mind you can feel free again and you will realise and experience that your depression can indeed shift! 


In the show notes on you can download the meditation I mention in this podcast for free. So that you can easily listen and easily shift. 


Welcome to Podcast 56!


Like many podcast subjects, I am guided by what life throws my way. 

And that's how this podcast was born. From several sides I was confronted with depression, melancholy, heaviness and sadness.


Several clients in my practice, some of my students, through dear friends and also through my own children who in turn have friends who deal with it. 


We have all been living in a world for some time in which we are obliged to shut ourselves off from everything. Secluded from loved ones, family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Feeling locked up at home, unable to move. 


This has left many in a reality where there is a loss of connection with others. A connection that is vital and is programmed in us on a deep level. 


Think back to the past, maybe you have experienced that you didn't belong. That you were left outside the group, that you were different from others … then you felt lonely and alone. As if no one understood you or was there for you. 


That being separated off from others is now something that everyone is going through. But then there’s a split: one person is doing great and the other person sinks even deeper and deeper into the pit.


And that phenomenon in itself is very special. 

For we are all in the same boat: told to keep our distance and stay home.

So how come everyone deals with it differently? 


That really only has to do with 1 thing. And that is down to a belief many people hold … that events affect us.  


But I can tell you now (and it might be shocking): this belief is not true. 

Because it is NOT the events that influence and impact us. 


‘What?’ I hear you thinking. 

‘Then what does affect us?’ 

It is the meaning we give to an event that influences and impacts us. 


For example, look at the way the world is now locked. This lockdown is an event, and you can give it different meanings. 

If you ask yourself you might think: ‘OMG …  locked in, I can't go anywhere, it feels so stuffy, I'm really crazy about having to sit inside, not being allowed to travel and not being able to leave the door after a certain time. It drives me insane’. 


Or you can think: ‘Oh, how wonderful. Some time for myself, working in my own environment, being busy. No crowds around me for a while, finally time for things I've wanted to do for so long. What a gift and what a special time’. 


2 completely different feelings around the same event. Question to you: What meaning do you give the lockdowns? What has it done to you? 


Because one more important thing: Whatever meaning you give it, you're right. It will become your truth and will affect and define your life. 


If you listen to my podcast more often, you know that I always say: The words you say to yourself and the pictures you create in your head always have an immediate physical effect. I learned this again from my mentor and teacher in this area of ​​transformation, Marisa Peer. I am certified in her life-changing therapy. And the meditation that you can download for free is also based on her techniques and therapy. Super powerful and above all, proven to work! 


But about what you say to yourself: Your mind does not listen to whether or not it is true. Your mind has only one essential task: to keep you safe. 


And if you sit for a long time in a certain 'loop', a certain vicious circle, a certain pattern of heavy thoughts about an event on a conscious and/or unconscious level, your body will react to that and you will feel melancholic.


I am now going to give you the 3 most common patterns, thoughts and beliefs of clients with depressive complaints. I see these in my practice and during training sessions: 


  1. ‘Nothing helps. There is no cure for depression’. Which is actually not true. 

  2. And then there's also the thought: ‘even if there was a cure, a solution, it wouldn't work for me’. 

  3. And: ‘I don't deserve it. I don't deserve help. Help is not available and then again, if it could be solved then I don't deserve to be helped’. 


And from my studies, training and practical experience I have discovered: depression is not about a lack of serotonin. 

What matters are 2 absolutely essential things.

First: The harsh, critical words you say to yourself on a daily basis.

Second: Not following your deepest heart's desire.


Because I have been trained in this and above all have trained my own mind on this, I have developed a kind of extra sense for picking up key words.


Just yesterday, during the Live Q&A session with my Master Your Intuition students, some interesting words came up during a question round. 


A student spoke about the situation she finds herself in and 2 words jumped out as she told her story. The words ‘wrestle’ and ‘fight’. I noticed another student that said: ‘That's hard, it's going to take years’. 


I immediately pick out such negative words and statements and instantly transform them, turn them around inside out. If you say to yourself: ‘It's a struggle, I'm having such a hard time, I can't stand it anymore, it's such a huge fight’ …  what do you think happens directly in your mind and then your body and energy?!


The words you say then create pictures in your head and your body and energy field will respond to this. Your body thinks: ‘Wow, struggle, fight, survive, stress, fight or flight …’  And yes, then you wonder why you get stuck, and are tired. So instead think: ‘It's an interesting challenge, I choose to take it because I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. This is a temporary blip that I can take with ease’.


Or if you think: ‘It's hard, it's going to take years’ - turn it around right away, turn it upside down, give it a creative twist: ‘It's easy because I choose the easiest way that works for me and it works all the time’. 


Or another student who, like me, has a challenge with her thyroid. She has a completely different mindset about this issue though. Yes, I encountered it 20 years ago, and yes, it was a bit of a challenge back then. And yes, I'm taking meds for it daily but I'm grateful for the lessons and wisdom it has given me. It has made me the beautiful, powerful woman I am today. In fact, thanks to my story, my experiences and powerful challenges I can now share this with you. Maybe as yourself, maybe you can touch someone else with it. Wow, how powerful is that. So I'm grateful! 


And that shift in thinking and choosing which thoughts to allow and which not to allow has completely changed my life in the most positive sense of the word. And the best part is, if I can do it, so can you! I’m 1000% certain! 


I have heard and seen the most sad, terrible, painful stories in my practice. From years of sexual abuse by family members, to miscarriages, to life-threatening illnesses, adoptions, depression, addictions, trauma and whatever the story is …  no matter how awful.


It always comes down to just one thing. And that is not the event itself, but the meaning you attach to that event. 

It’s that which makes or breaks your life. 

I help people to make the shift that can change your life forever in the most positive sense of the word. 


And for that I have made the following meditation, for you or for someone you know who needs it so much. Especially for those who are trying to shift depression. Because that's what is needed: a tiny shift, a 2mm shift, it can be that simple. For when you're stuck in that loop of thoughts, or can’t silence that negative, heavy, critical voice about yourself. Whether you’re struggling to think you are worthy or not believing that a solution is available to you. For if you listen to this meditation you’ll see that this feeling is nothing to do with a chemical imbalance - you have a brilliant, super intelligent, powerful mind.  Nor is it a condition that runs in the family, cannot be cured or can’t be found because you do not deserve it.  


Instead it has to do with the words you say to yourself and not following your deepest heart's desire. 


There lies the solution, the solution that is so, so available to you and that I want to share with you - with love and from the deepest of my being. Because you are not alone and there are so many people who understand you, who love you. Who want nothing more than for you to shine again, for that twinkle in your eyes to become visible again. That hope you are going to do what you really love, what makes you really happy. Because you deserve it and you are so worth it. 


So give yourself a moment every day to listen to this. It only takes a moment and you can let go of any expectation. Let it come over you, come to you and embrace it in a way that suits you. 


Find a nice place for yourself. If you are driving a vehicle, please do this meditation later (because of the relaxing effect of this meditation). You can download the meditation via the shownotes on and there you can also read the script of this podcast. If necessary, print it out later and underline the words and sentences that resonated the most. 


Are you ready, here we go (and if necessary, just listen to it first to experience how it feels for you). 


What exactly are we going to do?  


We're going to shift behaviour, learn a new way of thinking, code and erase old thoughts and habits that no longer serve you, and all you have to do is close your eyes. 


Make yourself comfortable, turn off any distractions, this is your moment. 


Go to to instantly download the session. 


Thank you very much for listening. Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Forward the link to the podcast and let someone feel and experience whether it resonates.


Enjoy the meditation: Shift Depression, the meditation that can shift your life forever in the best sense of the word! 

X Lisette


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2021

56. Shift Depression

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