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9th september 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast 32. Intuitive Development: How To Get Your Mind And Heart To Work Together And Synchronise To Success + 9 Transformation Tips 


Have you been at a point of making a decision when your heart and gut feeling is saying ‘yes’ but your head says ‘no’? 


Well, in this podcast you will discover how you can make your mind and heart work together, so that they work for you instead of against you. In this way, you gain insight into yourself and you can combine all your internal strengths and talents. Leaving you to function successfully from a loving heart, a powerful inner knowing, a clear head & intelligent mind. 


Welcome to Podcast #32! Sensitive or not, empathic or not, we all know the feeling of inner conflict. That pulling back and forth in 2 directions where your head (your mind) says one thing, and your gut feeling (which is really your intuition, your soul, your heart) a totally different thing.


It’s a tiring feeling … and yet it’s all internal ... well that is until the outside world gets involved. All your well-meaning loved ones, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and / or neighbours and their ensuing opinions. With this muddle of advice added to the mix then the chaos and confusion is complete. 

In this situation what do you usually do?? ... Nothing at all. You just stay trapped in a tug-of-war situation that you cannot resolve. Then you stand still, stuck in the situation you were already in. For that is the easiest and apparently the safest solution. 




Then you know that things can further escalate to the point where you feel like the walls are closing in on you; and you know something has to change, really has to change because otherwise ...


Yes, I speak from my own experience here. And it is a pattern that I have seen (and regularly see) from the many clients in my practice. In fact they have to reach this point to call me for an appointment, a consultation or session. 


That moment where they can no longer see the wood for the trees.


They’re at a crossroads asking: which way to go? What is the wisest move? How do I make everyone happy including myself?


First, let me ask: what makes you really happy?

What do you really want?


Think about it, write your answers down if necessary.


Now ask yourself: how often do I do what really makes me happy?

And: what have I done to make what I really want become reality?


Let’s be fair here. There are very few people who really do live and work on their passion, thereby utilising their best qualities and talents. Usually there’s a hesitation that comes from learned patterns. 


For example: you can paint beautifully, but you learned at home that you have to learn a 'normal' (non-creative) trade to earn a living. Or, you are enormously musical and would love to be busy with music all day, but your family thought it better if you did an 'academic study'. You were told: the chance that you will earn money in the music world is non-existent. 


When I was 17 I suddenly felt an enormous urge to enrol in drama school. I wanted it so badly- the idea seemed super exciting and scary, but the fear did not kill the curiosity. 

However, my mother didn't want to hear about it. Her response: actors barely scrape a living. So the option became unavailable as the practical head prevailed, but I hated that decision. I really feel it could have helped me tremendously with overcoming my shyness and fear of public speaking. Even at that stage I felt in the future I would be faced with a larger audience. 


Anyway, if you really follow your heart and soul in combination with a clear mind then you will still reach the right destination via detours. So it is never too late to change course.


By coincidence I recently came across a live facebook stream episode of Oprah's SuperSoul Program. She was interviewing a 91-year-old lady who had survived the concentration camp in Auschwitz as a young girl. 


Really very inspiring and it puts everything back into perspective. But the most impressive thing I found was that she was being interviewed because she had written her first book. Yes, her first book launched at the age of 90! Wow, I was really so moved and inspired by that! I will post the link in my shownotes at


I share this with you to show that it is never too late to connect your head & heart and let your heart wish come true. As long as you take the steps towards your desires.


In my view, the best way to align and synchronise yourself internally is: Intuitive Development. By this I mean getting to know and learning to apply and understand all the gifts that you have, but which may be hidden in the internal toolbox you were given at birth. 


Everything in today's society is focussed on developing your mental powers, but I feel that is only a small part of who you really are. The rest falls under intuitive and personal development. 


All the lessons you learn in life (whether positive or negative) work towards your personal development automatically. But if (like me), you have not learned at home that there is so much more to life, then the rest can be absolutely hocus pocus and remain so. Provided you delve into it.


Well, the fact that you are listening to this indicates that the need, that soul pull is present and that is fantastic! I think that in itself is worth congratulating! Because you are ready for growth and transformation and are therefore ready to become the best version of yourself. 


So you've come to the right place, because the key is inside you, not outside. Only … where is the map to the key and who has the manual for that toolbox?


The one who can give you insights into that, that is the one where you need to be. Provided you want to continue on the same footing. Then you should certainly not develop further. But are you curious and do you want more? Then I want to give you some tips.


These tips can help you in your intuitive development and will ensure that your mind and heart learn to work together. 


Here they come, write them down if necessary.


Tip 1: Find a teacher

By a teacher I mean someone who can provide you with insights from their own perspective but who has a proven track record of expertise. 


Tip 2: Find a mentor

By a mentor I mean someone who has the knowledge that you would like to learn too. Someone you can rely on and someone you can reach out to in difficult times or when you get stuck. 

Now you’re probably thinking: what is the difference between a teacher and a mentor? 

A teacher gives you their lessons and then lets you go. A mentor gives you their lessons and continues to support and assist you for a longer period of time. You can rely on a mentor. A teacher disappears from your life after giving their lessons.


My own mentor is Mavis Pittilla, I have also followed several mentorship programs with her. She has helped me tremendously in difficult times. I myself am also a mentor for my own course participants and students of my yearlong course. I support and guide them where possible. 


Tip 3: You don’t want to be the smartest in the place.

Imagine you are somewhere and you are the smartest and most educated person in the room. What can you say about that room? Well, then you can say that you are in the wrong room!! This is a Tony Robbins tip. He would say, You're in the effing wrong room! In other words, step into a place where you can learn and grow.


Tip 4: Proximity is Power.

This is also a statement by Tony Robbins. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and who you can learn from. People who do what you want to do or people who are successful in the field you are interested in.

Also surround yourself with people who are like-minded. Those who have the same interests and stimulate and motivate you to get the best out of yourself. And (as an aside), from my own experience: this is usually not your family and you shouldn’t expect them to agree with everything you do. 


Tip 5: Focus on yourself

Understanding yourself and getting to know yourself is key! Why? Because you are the only one who really knows what is going on inside you! No one else. Except someone who is very intuitive, who is very empathetic and can easily sense and pick up your mood. 

Yes, for example, as a psychic and medium, I can open up and feel the energy of others. So I can ride with you and feel what you feel. This can be a bit strange at first, but really is actually rather lovely- because it helps others to talk about what is really going on. So find someone who can feel along with you, if that sits right with you. Someone you feel comfortable with. By the way, you don't have to think about whether this is right for you, it’s a knowing. You will pick this up within 3 seconds. So if you start thinking about it too long … then your head takes over and fears start playing. So focus on yourself and what you really want. 


Tip 6: Get out of your comfort zone

Do something you've never done before, something that thrills and scares you; something that you’ve always wanted to but been persuaded out of- either by your mind or others who have talked you out of doing the thing. 

A comfort zone is a sham safe environment. It’s something that has been pre-programmed subconsciously and dates from your primal programming. No, if you do something new or different you won't really be eaten by a bear. Or attacked by a tiger… unless you are in an area where they live, of course. 

But beyond that, stepping out of your comfort zone, following your feelings with common sense and feeling is a wonderful way to grow, discover and develop. 

From my own experience I can say: when I embark on a new exciting adventure, it always gives me the feeling that I am really alive! I am no longer running on autopilot and that feeling is so wonderful it gives me mountains of energy and inspiration to just go for it! 


Tip 7: Develop your intuitive 'muscle'

Basically we are all the same and we are all born with a perfectly functioning intuition. What exactly is intuition? Is a question I often get. You can see intuition as the voice of your Soul. That part of you that has always been and will always exist and is actually separate from your physical body. It is the wiser, higher part of you. Learn and discover how intuition communicates against and with you. Listen, experience and feel the usually subtle voice of your intuition. You can feel and train this experience. I call this developing your intuitive muscle. You can train this just like a workout in a gym, by doing it, by applying it. Get to know the voice of your intuition. 


Tip 8: Understand your fear voice

As humans, we are programmed to reproduce and survive. Everything that can endanger either of these is a threat and you will be kept away from by your primal programming. To keep you away you will experience fear. As Tony puts it FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real or something that is not real seeming like a threat. 

Just think of how many times you have been afraid of something that could happen. A particularly worrisome situation that stopped you sleeping at night, but then never materialised. 

All that time you were afraid of something that never happened. In retrospect it feels like such a waste of your time and energy, right? 

This is typically your head (your mind), speaking your subconscious fears. You may recognise, acknowledge and break through this. These are old patterns and habits that can be removed for good. If you recognise that fear voice and manage to silence it, your life will change forever in the most positive sense of the word.


Tip 9: Discover the Body, Mind & Soul connection.

Once you understand why you feel the way you feel and react the way you react, you can begin to transform. Then you can become the driver of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual vehicle. It is the synchronisation of all these parts of yourself that allows you to become the best version of yourself. If something is not in sync, then it crashes. So what do you do? You restore it, upgrade it and then you can continue as an even better version of yourself. That's where the key lies! 


Life continuously brings us new challenges, it is up to you how you deal with and anticipate them. How long will your circumstances affect you? Do you sit in a corner feeling sad or do you pick yourself up and look for solutions.


Remember, this is very important: success never depends on resources or a shortage of resources, it always depends on how resourceful you are and whether you know how to seize your opportunities, grab them, apply them and make them work for you. 

Everything is available to you.


Learn to use your own toolbox. Discover, play, have fun, it's a great journey of development and growth. As soon as you realise that, you can handle anything!


Of course I am there to support, help and guide you on your path. But like me, there are many people who do wonderful work. Discover, try, fall and get up again. As long as you go ahead and enjoy the journey, everything works out just fine. That's my motto.


Choose intuitive development with a teacher or mentor who inspires, triggers, challenges you and then lets you fully empower yourself. Then you can continue under your own steam and that's what it's all about; living your mission and life purpose as it is meant to be and completely in your own, unique and authentic way. There is only one person like you, so step into your strength, discover all your talents and use them! The world needs you!


I wish you the best of luck and I am 1000% sure that you have all the tools within you to become and be the best version of yourself! Go for it!


And yes, time just flies and we are already the end of podcast #32.

At you can find the 9 steps. I hope to see you at the next podcast and remember: proximity is power, so be with people who can teach you something, give you something or who do or have achieved something you would like. Apply that and you will absolutely thrive!


All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

Intuitive Development

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