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19th August 2020

Lisette Lucas


Podcast 29. Blocks: How To Detect And Transform Blocks + Free Clearing Session


Is this a recognisable situation: 

You keep getting stuck on the same problem, or you have obstructing and recurring thoughts, beliefs and patterns? You run into the same thing over and over again. 


With these insights and tips you will:

Discover your blocks, learn to track them down, clear them and transform them. Giving you more insight into blocks, so that you can immediately transform them with the help of the free Clearing Session. Resulting in energy shifts that help you create space and light within, bringing those desired possibilities into your life. 


Welcome to Podcast #29!


It’s really good that you are listening to this podcast even though it is not the lightest of subjects. For a block can be heavy, not only mentally and emotionally heavy, but also energetically taxing. 


How nice would it be if your blocks can be transformed immediately?


Years ago I came across a special, powerful energy clearing technique. It really set in motion gigantic internal shifts, so that I have been able to clear a lot energetically and manifest. This has allowed me in recent years to teach these techniques to my students of my yearlong course in intuition and mediumship.


Perhaps you know the feeling of not wanting to think about something you’ve been through, because it’s just too painful. Whenever you do think of it there’s a direct effect on your state of mind, your mood and your energy level.


As you already know from previous podcasts: everything is energy. Podcast #2 is even specifically about it. 


So, you won’t be completely surprised if I tell you a block is a heavier, say, cloud of energy. A kind of dark cloud in your energy field, your aura. But there’s good news: if you consciously choose to, you can remove this cloud, this blockage and transform it.  


Question: have you ever stood close to someone who has been through a lot? Who has dark thoughts? Who gets stuck in the past, their old pain and sticks to old stories? Placing Himself in the Role of Victim? 


Yes? Well, then you have probably experienced what happens to your own energy, your mood and your feelings and your general state of mind?

Your energy touches and then mixes, as it were, with the energy of the other. If you are sensitive to this, it can have a direct effect on your own energy. Then you will feel the heaviness of the other and maybe even take it over. 

Think of it as a dark rain cloud that is coming. As long as you stay ahead of the storm, you stay dry and it doesn't affect you. But if you let the cloud come over you, you will get wet and the cloud will therefore affect you. The best thing is, if that cloud is broken up, then the sun can start shining again. And that's exactly how you can see it in yourself, because light dispels darkness. 


Everyone has to deal with new, small or large clouds every day- whether you like it or not. Life has both ups and downs. What’s most important is how you deal with it. How much of an impact does that cloud have on you, and do you let yourself be rained on? Do you stay in that dark cloud and let yourself sink, or do you take action and quickly let the sun shine again? You cannot control everything in life, but you can choose how you deal with things and how much you are influenced by them. That’s 100% in your control. 


See your own blockages as small, dark clouds.That might seem a bit negative but if you can see your blocks for what they are, then you have more control and can start playing with the energy. Then you can transform to the energy of Joy! And yes, that is great fun. 

Insight gives strength and ultimately freedom, so this insight will also help you. 


Blocks are just accumulated energy, and when you understand that this comprises: experiences, patterns, thoughts, situations and circumstances that have passed, well, then you can transform them. All you need to do is choose to. Again, you are in control, so the choice is entirely yours. Do you choose to carry burden or to transform burden into light and space for new possibilities? 


That 1st step is essential: if you remain ignorant of this first stage then you will not be able to shift anything. Leaving you walking around with your blocks, which is a great shame as they are a big burden. Now, there are many ways to work on blocks, but personally I think the technique I will share is one of the easiest to apply yourself. I even do it when I'm driving the car. 


Sometimes something unexpected happens and then you suddenly have to deal with a strong emotion, like road rage for example. With road rage, I can feel it building up in my energy field but stop myself to remember that this is not mine but a projection from someone else. I notice where I feel the energy- whether in or around my body- and apply the technique. Then the energy shifts immediately and it no longer affects me. That's the key, because if you walk around with it for too long, you will attract more situations and circumstances that are similar to the energy you are. Think of it as the law of attraction. Get rid of dark clouds that are not yours or that you no longer want to carry with you. You can choose right now. While I am talking about this I am also reminded of the many cases of aggression, built-up anger and irritation in the Corona time. Now when you think about those people what do you think their energy field looks like? Yes exactly, one big thundercloud. Stacked layers of heavy energy. Tony Robbins calls it stacking- that piling up of negative situations, circumstances, thoughts and emotions. And when you see that, then you understand, only one small comment is needed to make someone blow up. Merely one drop of water is needed to make the bucket overflow. 


A funny incident demonstrating this happened recently. After lunch someone went outside to clear the table and while clearing, a small gust of wind blew a paper napkin from a plate to the floor. The person in question went on to rage against the poor, innocent napkin. As if a great storm had been unleashed on the unsuspecting napkin. One of my children laughed and said to me: ‘Why so much aggression against a napkin?’! Haha, I also had to laugh but I also explained how this was stacking in action. That piling up and blocking of stressful circumstances and thoughts. Then a napkin can cause a great storm to pass over. I also said that it can even be dangerous to keep all emotions in. You can become a kind of ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off and turn you crazy with the flooding of emotions. So you must absolutely prevent that.

As I said, there are many ways to go about this professionally. From my study of psychology I can also suggest many ways.


But now, I share this energetic, powerful approach and technique with you from my energy healing knowledge. 


I teach my students to apply these techniques in the first lessons of their training, and those who use it regularly and have made it a part of their lives benefit enormously from it.


Right now in this podcast, I'm going to give you a free energy clearing session download in the field of personal transformation.


By applying this clearing session with me, you can transform, remove and clear blockages that keep you in a place of fake security. Thus helping you move forward instead of getting stuck in old patterns, thoughts, stories, and pieces that no longer serve you. 


Does this sound good? Then you can immediately request your free clearing session via the show notes. Don't underestimate the power! You will immediately notice a shift and difference in your energy. 


Even if you do not feel it, or have difficulty perceiving it, it continues to work on an unconscious level. Your energy adapts after clearing and creates space for light, for new possibilities and for new incoming energy, so that your life can transform. 


Plus I also teach you a clearing statement that you can apply wherever you are. So when something happens unexpectedly to you, perhaps you receive intense news that hits like a bomb ... then you can clear and transform your energy on the spot.


I use it almost daily, really whenever it is necessary- because life offers us plenty of challenges that ideally you want to shift immediately to a higher vibe. It helps me a lot and the effect is strongly felt. 


In my practice I also work with block clearing techniques on an energetic and mind level.


But this technique works mainly energetically, on an energy level and is ideal to apply independently.


I do the mind level clearing of blocks through unconscious regression and rewiring and reprogramming of the mind.


The energy healing techniques from the Eastern Pranic Healing philosophy are also very powerful to apply. But that's another discipline, which I will make a podcast about in the future. It is also more about healing the physical body, relieving any discomfort and ailments. If you are interested in this, you can make a 1:1 appointment. 


But today we're really working on clearing pieces of your story, which are no longer of use.bThis is vital because if you keep holding on to your old story and old thought patterns, you keep carrying those clouds with you. And how much do you really want that? 


Time for transformation in my view! You're not here for nothing, right?


Great! So go to and request your free clearing session.


I have deliberately made this clearing session separate from the podcast because you have to consciously make the choice to apply it. By following the link you are setting an intention and making a choice which is a direct statement to your energetic body! 


Then you give an energetic YES and you are ready for transformation! 


Perhaps things are not going the way you want in your life: maybe on a financial, career or relationship level? Then this can set in motion a gigantic shift.


Just think of a large balloon, suppose you want to be close with someone but you continuously have a large awkward balloon standing between you and that person. You come closer but at the key moment, you bounce back. Moving you back to square one. 

The obstructing energy is a kind of balloon that prevents you from achieving your goals. When you know how to remove and transform that bouncing balloon or that superfluous cloud, everything is open again and you can achieve everything you want.


You also learn to control your own energy better and you can convert setbacks directly into light and strength instead of dark clouds. 


I have created this podcast to introduce you to the possibilities of energy clearing. 


If you are not ready to download the clearing session, I would advise you to consciously keep an eye on your energy field. Both in and around your body. Just notice what happens to your feelings when you experience something bad. Consciously feel where that energy builds up.


In fact stop now and think back to your worst memory (this is just to experience the effect on your body and energy).


So think back, relive those feelings and emotions. And now feel in and around your body where you perceive heaviness. Where is it? Do you notice any change? This is the energy that immediately builds up. And now you're going to give it a 0-10 rating for intensity. 0 is ‘I feel nothing’ and 10 is ‘I feel enormous heaviness’. Don't overthink this, just rate it. You will know intuitively.


Okay, now let it go, blow it away again as if a lovely sunny morning breeze drifts this cloud off on the wind. Just watch it drift off as you keep blowing it away. And now give it a number again, 0 is ‘I feel nothing anymore’, 10 is ‘I feel enormous heaviness’. Don't think about it, simply answer now … and? Has it changed? 


And that is how it works. That is the power of thoughts and intention (which are also energy), so that you see how you can shift your energy with them. And then learn to vibe to the frequency of EnergyJoy, love and beyond!


Thank you for listening, this is already the end of podcast #29.


Visit  to download your session, all for free for you when you're ready to shift. Also share it with those who are dear to you and who need it. Just as I have done now- because who shares goodness sees goodness!


I'd love to see you on the other side!


I wish you luck, joy and to see you soon!



All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

29. Clearing Blocks

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