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8th july 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #23 Hypnosis: What Happens To Your Mind During Hypnosis + Discover The Powerful Effect Of Upgrading And Updating The Software Of Your Subconscious Mind.

  • The Misconception About Hypnosis: Many people think that with hypnosis you will fall asleep, maybe even be unconscious, lose control and do things you don't want to do. 


  • Today in podcast #23 you will discover the opposite is true! Hypnosis makes you super sharp and alert and can give you back your authentic and most successful self, as it is destined to be and even more beautiful!


  • Discover in this podcast what hypnosis does to your subconscious mind and how it can immediately shift and change your life. 


  • Plus discover how hypnosis frees you from what's blocking you so you can unleash your full potential and live your ultimate life. The same recipe for success that’s been used by the biggest movie stars, pop stars, top athletes and CEOs of successful companies!


  • All this is available to you! I'll tell you how later in the podcast!


(The show notes for this episode can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #23!


This episode is about the wonderful deep layers of your subconscious mind - the place you reach with hypnosis.


For you don’t have just 1 mind, you actually have 2: your ordinary mind, the thinking part and your subconscious mind, the feeling part.


Now I want to ask you: Which part do you think is stronger - your thinking or your feeling mind?  


I can tell you with 100% certainty: Your feeling mind! In other words, your subconscious mind is always stronger.


I’ll give an example which demonstrates how. Imagine you love mountains, the fresh mountain air and the beautiful view. But there’s a problem: you are afraid of heights. Do you push through that fear, make it to the mountain and enjoy the view? After all, your thinking mind knows it's breathtakingly beautiful up there. Or do you reach the mountain top only to find yourself with trembling knees, clammy hands, cramped feet and stepping like an old man on slippery ice; so fearful that the beauty is lost on you?


Well, I can tell you, the latter will be the case.


Why? Because your subconscious mind overwhelms you with feelings. Your mind can think really hard and scream: ‘Calm down, it's so beautiful here’, but your subconscious has flooded you with fear and your heartbeat is racing so hard you feel it in your throat as you desperately look for something to hold on to. If someone up there on that mountain makes a joke and suddenly jumps unexpectedly, a primal instinct comes up that gives you the urge to do something to them if they do it again. 


Haha, well if you suffer from vertigo then you can talk about this right? And you’ll understand exactly what I mean. 


However this response isn’t just for vertigo. Perhaps when you see a small spider less than an inch in size, you will cramp up completely and let out a scream of fear. 


Your thinking mind really knows that you are stronger and bigger than that little creature of just a cm. You are 160, 170, 180 or maybe 190+ times bigger but still …  fear takes over from your thinking mind. 


The subconscious mind is the leader of the team comprising heart, body, mind & soul. If you do not work on your subconscious mind, and it remains in the programming & patterns mainly formed in your early years, there is a good chance that you will literally suffer.


And you want to avoid that, right? Or at least, as Tony Robbins so beautifully puts it: Everyone has their Story, or their story of experiences and events from the past. Including accompanying patterns that empower you, but usually it is up to you to break free from those old stories to move forward. You hold the key and above all, you have to make the choice yourself. That choice can definitely be life-changing if you choose to get the best out of yourself and your circumstances. 


So just to take a simple example. Do you remain afraid for the rest of your life of, say that little spider? Or do you choose to free yourself from that fear, that pattern from your past?


For myself the choice was very clear when I found out that I kept going in vicious circles.


Something had to happen, I had to take that leap. I was so fed up with being so nervous every time I had to speak in public. For my work as a spiritual medium, I stood on platforms, in other words, stages in front of large halls with people, both at home and abroad.


I followed my heart and soul to do this. It was a hunger, a drive from my deepest potential and possibilities. Yet at one point my subconscious programming overcame all of this, leaving me feeling tense and fearful for hours before each performance. I reached a point of feeling sick of this response, of feeling so nauseated that all evening was spent behind the scenes. I kept breaking through that subconscious barrier to keep standing up there but I was constantly fighting the urge to run away. My willpower kept pushing me through it, but my subconscious programming was stronger. 


I was sick of forcing myself to push through and decided: enough is enough! Something has to change. And then hypnotherapy came along. 


I have to be honest, I was a bit scared because I don't like to relinquish control. And at the back of my mind were those images that you sometimes see on TV: people jumping like a frog or clucking like a rooster with just a click of a finger …  of course that wasn’t very reassuring. But the need to remove the fear I had and get to the root of the problem was greater. So after I delved into research of the underlying techniques of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I understood it, then I dared to try it. Admittedly I remained sceptical, but sceptical is just another word for fear, fear of the ignorant. So I overcame that fear and I am deeply grateful for that.


Grateful because hypnosis is truly a phenomenon and to be receptive to it, the most important thing is to understand how it works. 


Hypnosis is really about being open to suggestion. 

In other words, if someone says something to you, suggests something, do you take it or not?


Well, in a room with, say, a hundred people, 10% are very open to suggestions. 

You probably know that there is always a person among a large group who wants attention, acts crazy, makes jokes and does everything to get into the spotlight. 


Well, in this room a hypnotist knows exactly who that is. So they’ll take these 10 suggestible volunteers from the room and in the end the most willing and most suggestive person on stage is allowed to do the experiment. 

That person will follow everything the hypnotist says. You and I would not respond at all if we didn’t want to. For you see, if you don't want to and aren't open to it, it won't work.


And when I understood this I was like: ‘Oh wow! So you don't lose control, you choose to surrender and take in the suggestions, the words that can help you transform’. 


And then I went for it, completely voluntarily of my own choice and that felt good. Which is why it worked perfectly. Because if you really want something, it will transform you. The key is being open to it. 


So to go back to an example of hypnosis: I can get someone to stop smoking with the help of hypnotherapy, only (as you probably understand now), if that person really wants to stop smoking. What if there’s a will or drive to not quit the smoking addiction? Then I don't treat the client because that is the same as bringing water to the sea. 


Another absolutely essential factor for hypnosis success is confidence. If you want to tackle and transform a fear, issue or long-standing problem, it is very important that you trust someone and that you feel good about the person you are treating. 


I myself was trained by the worldwide renowned therapist: Marisa Peer. I gained confidence in her because she had worked with the greatest in the world: Jane Fonda and half Hollywood, as well as top athletes. She also had an accolade as the best therapist in England. 


This sparkling experience gave me the confidence to rely on her expertise. The results were so powerful, that I wanted to learn to apply it to myself, and to help my own clients who already came to my practice for intuitive coaching, mediumship sessions and training. Combining my existing work with hypnotherapy meant their problems could be transformed forever. 


And the results are truly phenomenal! Hypnosis has become a regular part of my own life. I always listen every day to at least 1 hypnosis session of 10 - 25 minutes, 

depending on what I need. 


To illustrate the power of hypnosis let me share that without my transformation through hypnosis, this podcast would not have been possible. I've successfully reprogrammed my subconscious mind and the proof, well you're listening to that now. I've overridden the limitations of that little shy girl from my childhood with suggestions I do want in my life. Such as self-esteem, confidence, being successful, being happy and loved and reaching my infinite potential. 


I've left the youth programming of "act normal then you act crazy enough" and "don't talk about that", for good. 


Why? Because I feel an intense hunger and drive from the inside of my being, from my heart and soul to serve and to help others. Which has been made possible through  breaking my own limiting patterns through hypnosis. 


And the best thing is, this is also available to you - everything is available to you. You simply have to push that button and yes, consciously make the choice to follow that drive, that hunger, that passion.


Tony Robbins puts it nicely when he says: If you are in a state of growing and a state of giving, you're going to be happy and fulfilled. In my view that is the core of life. 


In other words, if you yourself are in a mindset and state of growth, and in a place where you give to others, then you will be happy and fulfilled. 


And the key word here is: Progress. As long as you make progress in your development, your growth and the way you help others, that is the core of happiness and satisfaction!


Just take it step by step, at your own pace and in your own way. And that works and feels best for everyone. 


So yes, you see, hypnotherapy is my thing because I myself am the walking, talking, thriving and continuously evolving result of it.


That is why I hope with this podcast to remove any fear and/or ignorance about hypnosis and hypnotherapy for good. Because then so many doors can open for you.


So back to the core: How does it work?


I sometimes get the question: ‘Do I fall asleep and not remember anything?’

The answer: No.

The only thing that becomes very relaxed during hypnosis is your conscious, thinking mind, that part that always wants to interfere and keeps on whining, even when you don't need it. You probably know what I'm talking about.


Well, that thinking part relaxes during the session, just like when you're watching a movie on Netflix or like you do when you drive home on autopilot. (That moment when you think afterwards, how did I actually drive?) 


Because all we're interested in is transforming old patterns and habits - the things that block you and keep you going in those endless, annoying vicious circles. 


So to be crystal clear, during hypnosis:

  1. You do not sleep

  2. You are not unconscious 

  3. You don't lose control


Now, while the conscious part of your mind is in a wonderful deep state of relaxation, your subconscious is fully alert, sharp and clear. In fact your subconscious is always on! It always listens and runs along and stores everything. 


So everything you have ever experienced or felt is also stored on a subconscious level. Think of it as your hard drive where all software, your data is stored. 


Your subconscious is what you run on, it controls how you function: taking care of how you behave and feel. It is linked to your emotions and you probably know from your own experience that emotions almost always beat the logic of the thinking mind.


But you don't have to worry about doing things you don't want to, otherwise every malicious hypnotist would be a millionaire. Then you could say: ‘John, if you pay that bill, put 2 extra zeros on it. Also instead of that bar of chocolate you want to give me as a thank you, I'd rather have a new Porsche’. No, haha, it doesn't work that way! As I mentioned, you are sharp and alert. You can't do something you don't want to. And that's a good thing! Someone who is going to bark like a dog in front of a crowd has made the choice to allow it and to go along with the experiment, because otherwise it wouldn't work.


And that makes it completely safe and ensures that you always make choices and act of your own free will, exactly as it should be!


I think it is important to clear up that misunderstanding because I notice that there is often fear involved around hypnosis.  


So if you take action and want to transform: you must choose it for yourself. Also make sure that you go to someone (or listen to the recordings of someone), you trust and who you feel good about. And then the most wonderful and powerful transformation can take place.


So what does hypnosis do?

Well, suppose you want to be a great public speaker.

Then the session makes you believe with the help of suggestions at a subconscious level that you are an absolutely, phenomenal speaker. 


And yes, I speak from experience, the fear disappears and gives way to enthusiasm and joy. 


Where I used to be nauseous before I had to stand in front of a group, I now feel so empowered and so happy, powerful and grateful that I can do this. It fills me with joy, gratitude and happiness. And I owe it all to my subconscious programming.

I have told you before, in a previous podcast, that often people who had seen me in front of the room both before and after the hypnosis process of 21 days, saw a huge difference. They didn't even know I was doing it, but they wondered what had happened to me and how I could be so empowered. 


I smiled deep inside because I knew the secret. I thought: ‘Wow, why did I only do this now?’ All those years of forcing myself, all I needed was a simple upgrade and update of my internal software. And done in such an easy way, while completely relaxed, yet still bringing about so much life-changing change. 


I absolutely recommend this to everyone! I’ll give an example to show why it would benefit us all: so you probably have a mobile and may be listening to this podcast through it. But what do you think would happen if you didn't update your mobile's software for 10 years? How well would your phone still function?


Well, that's what I mean! The 1st 7 years of your life you are continuously in a kind of hypnosis mode. Everything that comes by, good and bad, beautiful and difficult, painful and fun, you save on that internal hard drive of your subconscious mind.


Now shift forward 30 years and you are now 37. Yet someone can still make a comment that hurts you so much that afterwards you cry like a small child. 

You even feel like that little child of 4 years old, who played in the sandbox where other children were being rude … 

That's such an old pattern, a pattern with the mindset and logic and emotional wisdom of a 4 year old!

My question to you: Do you want to continue to react in certain situations for the rest of your life like a child of 4 years?


I learned of a part of my fear of public speaking and it was linked to reading aloud in public. As a 6 year old girl I had broken my leg while skiing. As a result of this complex fracture I missed the most important lessons of learning to read aloud for several months. 


I returned to school (still a shy girl who preferred to sit at the back of the class), and was asked to read a piece out loud from a book. 

This was very difficult for me, I stuttered, and stumbled over the words that I also mispronounced. The result: a class that was doubled over with laughter. That moment felt terribly humiliating, and at that moment I decided: ‘I never want to feel this again!’ (There they are - the emotions). So I started to avoid that feeling from then on, which meant avoiding speaking in front of class at all costs. I would literally make myself sick, just to avoid that humiliation. That became my pattern. 


Until many years later, enough was enough! Then I discovered the core of my fear of public speaking and when I understood it I was able to transform it. 


For what the mind does not understand you cannot change and heal. So that's why insight gives so much power! Life-changing power! And that's the most beautiful thing there is!


So to go back to hypnosis again: it can't make you do what you don't want to! You are in control!


It is therefore absolutely not dangerous because you do not lose control, on the contrary, it gives you back control over your life, it gives you strength and you gain (and regain) control over the unfolding of your potential and your destiny! 


And even better: It works fast, it's powerful and it's permanent!


The techniques I have learned and trained in are based on quick results.


After all, we live in a fast-paced world where the most precious thing is: your time, because that's the one thing that’s finite for us all. So spend your time wisely! 


You can choose to talk for years, week in week out, without real progress or you can opt for 1 or 2 sessions where you go directly to the core and transform in 1.5 hours.


This choice was very easy for me! Because I want to do so much, to keep learning and discovering, I'm not going to waste my time living in stories of the past. 

How about you? Again, you have free will, the choice is all yours! 


You have the opportunity to rewire and reprogram your mind, your subconscious mind to what you really want to receive and do in your life. You can reset yourself and therefore your life, as it were. 


You understand I'm wildly excited about it!


To experience a free session, listen to podcast #8 with the free rewire session and podcast #9 with the free transformation download that transforms your mindset to Abundance!


This is really very powerful, just listen and experience it at your leisure. 


You can keep repeating that free upgrade from podcast #9, updating your software.  

I will also send you free support and explanation with the session! Believe me, it's really valuable and life-changing! To do this, go to: or forward slash 9


So make the choice yourself, choose whether or not to change and choose someone you trust and feel good with. Someone who can help you further, someone you feel safe with.


I am very proud that I am one of the few Dutch therapists certified by Marisa Peer who has been allowed to apply Rapid Transformational Therapy, which has won her many prestigious prizes. 


If you have any questions about hypnotherapy and if you want more insights into what it can do for you, book a free Discovery Call. A telephone conversation of about 15 minutes in which you can ask all your questions. 


You can read all the information at:


Thank you so much for listening to the 23rd podcast! I am super grateful for all the enthusiasm! The listening numbers have been through the roof this week, so I had a party here. It’s really lovely to get appreciation from you and everyone who is open to transformation and intuitive development, success and abundance!


You energise me to pop up every week with even more information and facts, tools and tips that can help you and possibly your friends and family members. 


You know, the 1st step to change, growth and transformation starts with yourself, you just took that step! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder, give yourself a hug, put your arms around yourself, (if no one is looking hahaha) but you are so, so worth it! 


I commend you for your commitment, perseverance and strength, despite all that life has thrown at you. 


If you know how to transform the lessons into growth and development, then you are ready for something big! Something big can be in the smallest gesture: a smile to someone who needs it so much, a helping hand, a good word or indeed, a huge career in the field of your passion, which you are an expert in! 

I give you this: Everything is possible and with the right application of the power of your subconscious mind I will lovingly give you the fast lane to success, joy and happiness! 


Love and in Tony's words: Live with Passion!

And in my words, Live in the Energy of Joy!


See you soon!

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020 

Hypnosis: What Happens To 
Your Mind During Hypnosis?

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