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24th June 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to Podcast #21


Podcast 21: Intuition vs. Fear, Discover The Life-Changing Difference And Apply It Immediately. With Insights And Tips That Will Give You Peace And Confidence In Your Inner Knowing.


What I will cover today: 


  • How to see if this is a problem for you. Maybe you experience something, but is it fear or intuition - how do you recognise the difference between them?


  • How fear overshadows the voice of your intuition, clouding your perception.


  • After this podcast you will clearly recognise the difference between your inner fear voice and your internal intuitive voice.


  • Once you know the essential difference between these 2 you can act on it, prepare better and take the essential steps that will help you move forward. 



We all have a natural intuition, we are born with it and it is there to help, guide, support and direct us in life. 


We also all have a fear programming that protects us, keeps us safe, and keeps us from taking steps that could pose life-threatening danger. 


These two systems are there to help and protect us. But why is it often so difficult to recognise the difference?


You will discover and learn in this podcast:


  • The difference between fear and intuition.


  • Which fears you are born with and which ones you are not.


  • What the primal programming of fear is.


  • What your intuition is and what it can mean for you.


  • How you can distinguish between fear and intuition.


  • And later in the podcast you will gain insight into miracles and when Spirit is allowed to intervene.


+ You discover your fears and how they originated, and my special rule on how to recognise intuition before the fear has a chance to throw a spanner in the works. 


It’s great that you are listening to my 21st podcast!


I can tell you, this topic was not planned until the day before it was recorded. Really, this topic arose after my own recent fear vs intuition experience; one day before the recording of this podcast.


Yes, I have a very highly developed and trained intuition: for example if you tell me the name of a person (purely on the energetic frequency of the name), I can tell you what the character of this person is, personality and much more information about this person's life.


It doesn't matter if that person lives on the other side of the world, is alive or dead. 


Is this special? Well, no, for me this is the most natural thing in the world. I developed it, I trained it. This is who I am - and you can do this too!


Think of cycling or walking, at one time you couldn’t do either, until you started practising. After practising and practising, by sheer repetition and trial and error, you got the hang of it. Now you don't have to think about it anymore, right? When you walk or cycle? You’ve just mastered it and do it automatically.


That's the way it works with intuition, that is, if you have developed it well. But if you don't pay attention to it, your intuitive muscle will become weaker. Then it is less prominent and the signals become less noticeable or recognisable, perhaps you don’t see them at all. 


It’s exactly the same as if you stopped walking outside as much, then decide to start training for running a half marathon. You will notice that your system is less able to cope. Your muscles have become weaker, your condition is worse and you are just less good at it.


So why am I telling you this? Well, yesterday I had a 'normal' working day in my EnergyJoy practice. First, I had an intuitive and media-minded consultation with a client, then an online appointment via Zoom; then the podcast was scheduled and finally I had an intake interview for a Trinity Abundance Hypno-Therapy session.


Something bugged me all day though - which was I hadn't seen or spoken to my daughter. The night before, she had gone to see friends. I had gone to bed early so hadn't given her any more hugs to say goodbye.


So yesterday morning I went to my practice and something didn’t feel right. My oldest son was out late studying in Rotterdam and then to see friends in Delft; and that felt okay.


But there was something. And yes, I pushed that feeling away all day, knowing that I am a caring mother who can be a bit over-concerned (aka anxious) at times. 


Yet, after the first two appointments in my practice, I went home. I had planned to stay in my practice but then felt I should go home to see how everything was. 


I got there and both my sons were at home but I had just missed my daughter, she was gone with her moped. This is when the crazy thing happened: I had a very worried feeling about her and I even started looking back at the CCTV images until I saw her. I watched her get on her moped and drive off. A nasty thought went through my head that I pushed away immediately: ‘I hope this isn't the last time I see her’. This thought made me annoyed with myself so I pushed it out of my mind, I didn't want to feel it. Instead I took action: asking for protection from my helpers, her helpers, protectors and all that is beyond the boundaries of visual and earthly existence. I also put an extra energy ball of light and protection around her and her moped. That gave me some peace and confidence.


Fortunately, with current technology a lot is possible and we can all see each other's location via mobile phones; so I saw that she was safe on the beach of Scheveningen. 


A while later I received a text from her, normally I respond via Whatsapp, which I did. But also I did something I don't usually do when she's out with friends: I called her. I just had the urge to hear her voice, to speak to her for a moment, hear it was all good. I called and we had a nice chat and she said that she was just about to leave Scheveningen with her friend; a ride of no more than 15 minutes on the moped. And yet I still had such a worried gut feeling that I said before she hung up: ‘Be careful honey’ ...


Then we hung up and not even a few moments later the phone rang again, it was my daughter, my heart shot in my throat, something didn't feel right ... thank goodness I heard her voice but she said: ‘Mum, we were hit by a car that hadn't seen us …’.


My world stood still, all my feelings of the whole day flashed by … I jumped in the car and drove in a kind of numb state towards Scheveningen. There in the distance were police cars with flashing blue lights, the ambulance was on its way…


I came racing and parked my car somewhere in the grass. My daughter stood up (miraculously), and immediately walked towards me and fell into my arms. Four large policemen shielded her best friend with a large cloth, who was very bothered by her foot. Her white sneakers stood next to her with all black smudges as if a car tyre had run over them. The canvas turned to the heat. I saw a white car with dents on the side and the colour of my daughter's scooter on it in the corner of my eye. 


A young mother with a toddler of about 1.5 years on her arm comes up to me and apologises and says she hadn't seen them. I gave her a hug and tears appeared in her eyes. 


The ambulance arrives and investigates the girlfriend who is referred to the hospital.


While I am standing there I shift my attention and intention to the helpers and protectors, even though I am still shaking from the shock I thank them for their protection. Sometimes things cannot be prevented, partly because you have to deal with several people and things happen beyond your control. Like for my daughter. But I am sure that some kind of energetic airbag has been built in from above which prevented worse. 


The girls will be black and blue today, and my daughter's friend needs crutches to heal her foot. But … if you drive straight through a green light and a motorist who turns right does not see you and knocks you over … well, they were very lucky. 


Not forgetting, the two guys who were riding a scooter right behind the girls and watched everything happen. They immediately called the police and ambulance, and helped lift the scooter off the street. My daughter said she would not have known what to do if they had not been there … I call that angels on earth. 


So much bad is happening in the world. But in these dire circumstances I have seen nothing but good from humanity. The officers who stood so lovingly and calmly with the cloth to shield the girlfriend from the sun, the two boys who intervened so quickly  and kindly and want to act as witnesses. The ambulance employees who were so patient and attentive to the girls. Even the young mother with a toddler on her arm who had caused the accident, texted later to ask how the girls were doing. The bystanders who drove by and volunteered to help (in the middle of rush hour), as doctors and nurses. Oh my … as a mother this is a nightmare come to reality but I have only seen the most beautiful side of humanity. Loving, helpful, calm and with great care for others. 


That brings me back to the topic of intuition and fear.


My intuition told me all day long that something was in the air. My underlying fear that you always have as a concerned mother clouded my perception. Did I see this scenario coming, no; did I foresee disaster, yes. 


The two signals of intuition and fear were mixed up. My subconscious intuition triggered my fear, I tried to suppress the fear rationally and to justify it. But this has also been a lesson for me. I put too much emphasis on this fear being simply a result of being an overprotective mother; even though I know my intuition is strong. But as a human being you don't want to live in fear and pain, so your mind also wants to get you away from it right away and get back to saying what you want to hear. The process itself was very interesting. 


Nor do I believe the intention was to intervene, suppose I had known or seen it through clairvoyant perception. That would not have helped the situation - then you get a kind of 'back to the future' scenarios that will disrupt all timelines. 


I am curious about your thoughts and experiences about this, because I do believe I was meant to be sharp and alert. 


I know from my intuitive and mediumistic development that everyone has free will. What I'm about to tell you is a nice thing to remember. It’s something I learned from my mentor, the world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla. 


When is the spiritual world allowed to intervene? They can oversee the big picture, for example, they know weeks before someone dies that this is going to happen. They also prepare themselves amply for that. So when it is someone's time to transition, however terrible, they are prepared to leave the physical body and move on to the non-physical world. This is something I have learned from the great mediums in the field and also from the spiritual world. 


But suppose someone who will turn 86 years old in this life, has a car accident aged 26. It could be fatal but he is not supposed to die and pass over yet. Then, and only then, may the spiritual world intervene. 


This is when miracles can happen. Do you find this interesting? Just go and google it, you’ll be shown amazing videos of inexplicable moments. 


One such well known video exists from a security camera in India. Footage shows a man crossing a busy intersection with his cargo bike. Suddenly a gigantic accident takes place: trucks, cars, everything crash from all directions; the man with a cargo bike seems to be there and yet suddenly a fraction of a second later you see he is cycling down the intersection. Almost as if he was teleported from one side to the other. This is only one instance, there are so many wonderful stories to be found. Go on a voyage of discovery and broaden your vision and perhaps adjust your image with regard to this matter. 


No, we don't have all the answers, but I really believe (and have learned), that if it is not yet your time to move on to the other side - that Spirit may intervene and send you back. In any way which way. This is the only time they can intervene, because if it's your time to go then it's your time. Some people feel that very powerfully from a Soul level, from their blueprint. They feel it as a knowing. They experience insights from (and I use Mavis’s words again because it’s the best way to explain it): The Architect's plan of the Soul. 


Which brings me back to intuition: intuitive knowing versus fear.


If you've listened to previous podcasts then you know that your intuition is the voice of the Soul; and the Soul oversees the big picture. The Soul knows. The Soul knows why you came here on earth, what your tasks, learning processes and mission are in this life. That's why your intuition is such a good GPS. You were given a blueprint when you came here as a Soul on earth. In fact, I believe that you, as a Soul, were allowed to choose how you wanted to fill in your blueprint in this life even before you came here on earth. Well, ask yourself: would you listen to someone who knows the way? Or would you rather listen to someone staring in the dark and not seeing the way? 


It doesn’t seem particularly hard to answer, does it? 

The first answer is your intuition and the second answer is your (learned) fear.


For now, we are talking about fear. Ask yourself what you fear, and if possible take a moment to write it down. Try and write down 5 fears, or think of 5 fears that hinder you the most in your daily life.


By the way, you just got to know my worst fear: as a mother of 3 children, your biggest fear is that something will happen to your children. 


But now what are your fears? 


Do you have them clear? It’s very important you do before I reveal the following insight. 


Now, did you know that as a baby you are only born with two fears:


1: The fear of loud noises.

2: The fear of falling. 


You probably know what happens when a baby gets frightened, right? Then, arms, legs, everything fly into the air. 


When a baby is tested shortly after birth, they also test the 'fall' reflex, because the arms must be spread wide, like a kind of parachute that breaks the fall if they should fall. 


These two fears are the only ones you get.


Well, look at your list, you may have more than these two. What does that say about your list? It tells you that if it's not a fear that comes with you at birth - so what are these fears of yours? Right, the rest are learned fears!


These are fears that arise from experiences and memories of situations and circumstances. 


How did this happen?


Well, you live with a brain with primal programming to survive. In prehistoric times, fear was required for survival - it determined whether or not you’d be eaten by a bear or torn apart by a lion.


At the time, fear was necessary for survival.


It immediately activates your fight, flight, freeze mechanism, resulting in a gigantic stress response.


Well, I don't know about you, but do you sometimes feel that you don't want to open an email because the subject line doesn't appeal to you? That you are overcome by fear - strange how an email can eat you up. 


And it happens, your fear mechanism still responds exactly the same to an email with a scary subject line as it does to a bear standing in front of your cave, ready to eat you.


Isn't it bizarre when you think about it? 


How is this so? Well if you've read a painful email before that resembles this new email, then your fear programming will want to keep you away from that pain; you will feel as if a lion is emerging from that email. 


Then confusion arises because the next time you open your inbox and your eyes immediately scan through all the subject lines; the knot in your stomach can only relax after you have not detected any unusual subjects. In other words, if you have discovered that there is no life threat programmed from primal principles.


Why this crazy example? 


In my view it is so important to understand what fear really is. When you know that you are only born with two fears, then you know that you can unlearn the rest that has been learned. 


How can you unlearn it? By discovering where the core lies. By discovering where it originated. That is why, in addition to developing and training intuition and working with energy, I have also specialised in breaking through fears / blocks. At the end of the day blocks are nothing but fears. 


In fact, they are often fears inherited from parents or the people who raised you. Fears arise in your youth (a time that is not even your own!) and are things you have been taught. 


Think of how common it is that a mother is afraid of cats and the child also. While the child has never been allowed to pet a cat. ‘No, don't do that!’ you can hear that mother screaming, ‘before you know it you'll get a hit of those razor-sharp claws.’…. And bam, gift from mothers: a fearful block regarding cats. 


As an adult, you still have that fear of cats and don't understand why. Until, for example, through a hypnotherapy session, you come to the moment when you were 4 years old and hear your mother screaming because a little kitty came running towards you purring on holiday. Hands off… BAM… imprint, block and from now on the little cute purring kitty has become a life threatening lion. 


This is how something comes into being and if you don't transform it, it stays with you for the rest of your life. Your brilliant mind is that intelligent, pre-programmed for survival. 

What the mind does not understand you cannot change. It is therefore essential that you discover and understand where something originated. Then you can transform it.


If you compare intuition and fear, you will get the following insights:


Intuition: helps, directs, guides, navigates and protects you, so that you can live your life as optimally and easily and purely as possible despite the challenges that life gives you on your path. 


Fear: protects you so that you survive. 


There’s an essential thing to notice here: intuition is very subtle but immediately present, within 3 seconds!


Fear, on the other hand, screams, blocks you and runs off with your mind, which then chatters 101 scenarios to it. It’s very important to recognise that chattering in your head, only starts after a few seconds, after a few minutes and continues to drift, spin and purr in your head, day and night… ..


So what do you learn from this? Very important and remember this, ideally write it down. This makes your life so much easier. 


You learn from this: go back!


Go back to the very first moment the situation or circumstance arose. 


What did you feel in and around your body? It is always a feeling linked to an emotion. The best part is, you can always retrieve it because there is always a neurological pathway associated with it. This arises when your intuition sends the signal. If this is interesting to you I recommend that you delve into the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, he is a neuroscientist, a very interesting guy who expounds on this and shows this principle backed up by science. 


So always go back to the first moment, the moment you met someone, for example. You don't go back to what you thought about that person. Rather you go back to the very first feeling you had about them, even before you thought: hmmm interesting outfit. You go back to the sensation you felt at heart level, the energy you perceived in and around your body - did it give an expanding or constricting feeling? Did you get a warm, bubbly feeling inside or did everything contract as if you were in a vacuum?


Even though the language of intuition is different for everyone, the speed of intuition is the same. So stick to the 3 second rule and go back to that initial moment.


It is stored in your clairvoyant part, the part that has developed strength in everyone. There the answer is hidden from you, for your architect's plan, for your blueprint.


So what comes next? Then your rational mind comes up with all the pros, cons, fears, and learned patterns of everyone who influenced you in your childhood. 


I say wow!


I myself learned so much from yesterday, because when I go back to my initial feeling of yesterday, I know deep down, everything will be fine. Yet I still let my fears shout. Yes, operating intuitively is my profession, yet I still respond humanely from my primal programming sometimes.


I hope my lesson has been able to provide you insights, that you now better understand the difference between fear and intuition; and I hope you can take great steps with the tools that I gave you.


Please if you know someone who lives in fear, share this! See it this way, I throw the beautiful stone for transformation into the water which creates a ripple effect, you caught  the first ripple, now it is up to you to spread it further. Also follow your feeling here, your intuitive knowing. You feel who can best use this, it’s a nice test right away. 


The most important tool is the 3 second rule. And, feeling, feeling, feeling: that is the essence.


From my practice I can help you break through blocks, and the underlying fears behind them. I can also help you strengthen your intuition through training so that the voice of your soul becomes clear and almost tangible. Like with me recently.


Just to finish this episode off, I’d like to share one last thing. Everyday I do a deep meditation for a minimum of 30 mins. This is a great way to calm the thinking mind and to reset my physical systems, hormone levels, all internal processes and to relax. Afterwards I am always fully charged.


Recently, however, something unexpected happened during my silent moment where my thoughts were empty and calmly pushed into the background. 


I suddenly got to see a photo, a selfie photo of two young people - like it was a snapchat selfie. I was shocked and immediately recognised the people in the photo. I did not think about this further, but I was certainly sharp and alert after my meditation. A few hours after my meditation I found out something “by accident”. Something that gave an enormous insight into the persons in question. It was handed to me and everything became very clear. 


I had gained some valuable information and also a kind of positive warning.

So, what to do at such a moment? I laughed, I thanked my helpers, protectors, guides and inner knowing; and I said: ‘Karma, thank you’! 


For you see, who does good, meets well! Send another person all the best, even if your behaviour cannot always prove this care; still send love, warmth and healing from a sincere and pure heart. … I have received the proof again that you will always receive it back!


Thank you for listening, it is great you took the time for yourself! You are so worth it! Big hug and see you soon!


Xxx Lisette

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Intuition vs. Fear 

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