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20th May  2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to Podcast #16.

Today I discuss: the Law of Attraction, the one key missing ingredient which hindered my success + Free LOA Manifestation Sheet.


But first, I would like to say it’s great that you are here.


To begin I’ll briefly run through what you will learn and discover in this episode:


  • What the catalyst for a personal huge energy shift was in 2007.

  • What my naive Law of Attraction mistakes were.

  • Some personal experiences that gave me bizarre life-changing insights.

  • The missing manifestation ingredient, which I had completely overlooked.

  • More insight into the Mind and the Power of the Subconscious.

  • More awareness of the frequency of emotions and their blocking effect.

  • My limitless treasure map of abundance.

  • 'Your wish is my command' will forever more have a completely different meaning. 

  • What hurts the mind, on a subconscious level. 

  • What happens 'below the waterline'.

  • The power of frequencies and just how much Empty Space or Energy-Space you actually are!

  • How to dissolve, remove and transform blockages from the past.

  • How to deal with lower frequencies, with insights from my own experience.

  • You will see the true magnitude of your potential.


There’s a special bonus just for you in this podcast episode too: the 'LOA Manifestation: Emotion & Sensation Sheet' that maps out a whole month! More information about this later in the episode. 


So, let’s begin down memory lane. I remember receiving a present from my mother years ago - in 2007 to be precise. She had a certain smile on her face, a kind of proud but at the same time expectant, happy and enthusiastic smile. I can still picture it vividly, in fact, I can still feel that moment. 


I was sitting in the living room, on the sofa of our lovely house in Voorburg. 

I took the present, it felt like a book and indeed it was. 

I remember thinking, my mother’s smile over a book … hmmm… it must be something really special. I opened it and saw: ‘The Secret’, I turned the book over and read the back. 


My first reaction was: ‘You see! I was right’. Mum smiles at me, words are not necessary, just a smile and a nod of her head in agreement. 


Wow, tears flood my eyes as I think about that moment and the massive shift it brought about in my energy. I knew, I knew there was so much more than just the flat 3D world. And this book proved there was! It said to me: ‘Lisette, you are not crazy! It is correct what you feel’. 5D, or the 5th dimensional world is reality! 


I devoured the book, front to back and then all over again, I knew the movie by heart. I told everyone around me about it, whether they liked it or not. Kind of counsellor syndrome before I was a therapist at all haha ​​... anyway, I just felt everyone should know this! Of course, I started to apply it immediately.


Or so I believed, I thought I was applying it well. I was going to set in motion the Law of Attraction, or the law of attraction. ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE was the universal message, and so I jumped to it and started visualising what I wanted to receive in my life. I was wonderfully creative with making my visualisation board, collecting all my dream / wish photos and pictures from magazines; before cutting and pasting them to make a wonderful collage of my wishes and dreams. I stuck it on the inside of my wardrobe door, so I would see it every day. And I had my cheque, a paper cheque that you could print out, filled in completely according to instructions, with amount and date, and pasted it in the bathroom mirror cabinet so I saw it every day. 


I did everything according to my feeling, according to the book, according to ‘The Secret’. Of course I also kept a 'gratitude blog' and wrote down every day what I was grateful for. Something I still do, by the way; but back then, it was obsessively on my mind, before going to sleep and every morning when I wake up.


Anyway, I was completely absorbed in ‘The Secret’, Law of Attraction hype and there …  is exactly where it went wrong for me. I had taken it all too literally. I thought: ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE… was literal. Yep, just place your order and wait for it to be delivered, like a kind of online shopping order. Slightly naive in hindsight, taking it quite so literally. I remember one time while on holiday in the South of France; floating in the private swimming pool on an air mattress, I thought: I must be available by phone because my order will be delivered in no time. When I think back to it now … oh my … seriously …


Well, you will understand that was a disappointment …


I was so absorbed in what I wanted to receive that I almost forgot to see and experience the richness that was just around me at the time. I had just had my third beautiful, very healthy child. I had a sweet caring husband, we lived in a beautiful house. I was on vacation in Super Cannes at the family home on the Cote d'Azur and I … I was waiting for my order from the universe. Can you picture it ?! 


I just laugh when I think about it. My blessings were already around me, but when it took too long for me to see the results I was expecting, I let it go. Being busy with three children didn’t help. 


But what happened, after I let go of the piece 'manifesting by willpower'? In 2008, a year after reading and applying the techniques from the book, I took my real, active, first steps on the spiritual path, really in training form. From that moment on things started to change, everything I touched worked out and one thing led to another. 


I had also given the book to a dear friend, who was a young mother in her early 40s and who was very seriously ill. She had metastases throughout her body, and had already spontaneously broken her hip. That's how serious it was. I wanted to help her so badly, I wished I could do something for her. Then it hit me, I should tell her :‘The Secret’. I told her with enthusiasm, passion and love, all the ins and outs and gave her the book, asking her to please, read it. She did, but a while later I got her death card to my great sorrow. The book was the last thing I could have given her and I hadn’t seen her since.


Then some time later the most special thing happened during a consultation with medium Marion Berndsen in Landgoed Op Hodenpijl, (yes, hoping arrow, the magical estate where I was also allowed to do my work as a medium and tutor years later). During that consultation, suddenly a young woman came through who had died of cancer. I didn't expect it but it turned out to be my deceased girlfriend. Marion literally said: ‘I don't know what she means but she says: “you were right”!’ 


Wow, I got goosebumps all over because I knew immediately what she meant! ‘The Secret’, it's the truth!


What a gift I had received. After that I immediately started my very first 2-year mediumship training with Marion Berndsen. She had touched me so much with my girlfriend's contact at the time. Those were my first steps in the mediumistic field, and a world literally opened up for me and a dream came true. 


Gradually I applied techniques from the law of attraction, came to understand how energy worked and developed fully on an energetic and intuitive level. 


However, one important and absolutely essential ingredient was missing. Even though my life took wonderful turns with many highlights; from my own EnergyJewels that I talked about in the previous podcast, to training, developing and working abroad at a world level. Public events, practice, everything … yet, something was still missing. 


Now you are probably curious what that is. Well, to be fair, I've only known about it for a few years. I actually discovered it by chance, or maybe that point was the right time for the penny to drop. Was a process of personal growth and development required first? 


The missing ingredient in my Law of Attraction application was: the Mind! More specifically, the power of the subconscious mind! 


Of course I knew that you have to watch your thoughts and that you attract what you think. After all, thoughts are things. Everything is energy. I really tried: ‘think happy thoughts, positive, happy thoughts’ is my motto. 


But what I didn't realise at the time, is that you can with the power of your mind, visualise and try to create anything you want. However, if there (on a deep subconscious level) is a limiting belief, a dated pattern, an emotion that is triggered and which then completely sabotages you … what happens then? 


That's right, it’s then that you will keep going in vicious circles. You go round and round, receiving the same lessons over and over again, driving you crazy. Yes, believe me! I was the absolute world record holder for spinning in circles, at least in my opinion.


And there was the key! 


Wow, when I noticed this during simple transformation sessions, that I had to tackle these pieces on a subconscious level, I knew!


This was my missing ingredient, my blind spot, my invisible saboteur: I finally understood! Everything suddenly made so much sense! Of course, after I had experienced the power of the subconscious mind myself, I also had to master it. I wanted to understand the ins and outs of the mind and the subconscious.


And with that I got my hands on an unlimited treasure map, a treasure map of abundance. Abundance in the broadest sense of the word. Really, I see the results, I feel and experience it and people around me see and experience it too. 


What do I mean by this? I’ll expand on it a bit: imagine an incident happens to you as a four year old. For example, someone says something funny about you, and others who hear it start to laugh, and you, as a four year old, feel so very bad about it. It sucks, and small but smart as you are, you decide at that moment: ‘I never, ever want to feel and experience this feeling again’. Okay, your intelligent mind says, I listen to what you want, so I will make an internal, subconscious note of this. I will save it for you because I am your best friend, and am always here to protect you day and night. From now on I will make sure to avoid all situations where this is likely to happen again, anything related to that same feeling. Your subconscious mind will then act this out, even making you ill so you don’t have to go to that party. 


Your mind does everything to keep you away from pain (that is his or her job), meaning it will go to great lengths to keep you away from that painful experience. 


But now you are 38 years old and you do not understand why you have trouble coming into contact with a group of people. Being in a group brings on a really uncomfortable feeling, even thinking about it brings you out in a cold sweat. With the common sense of an adult you want to be comfortable in a group, but that gut feeling is so nasty, so prevalent that you just give up.


Well guess what? This response is a pattern, conceived with the intelligence of a four year old, which was super smart at the time. However, does it still benefit you now, when you are 38 years old, and so many years have passed since the incident?


I can now tell you from my own experience: if you do not understand where and when something originated, then you cannot transform it.


You cannot heal what the mind does not understand.


And that is why it is essential to discover, say, what goes on underwater. You probably know that beautiful photo of a huge ice floe: 5% above water, 95% underwater.


Suppose that 5% is your thinking, rational mind. There is your willpower.


That 95%, invisible, below the waterline are your emotions which are linked to your memories.


Suppose an incident occurs. You know what, I will make this example more concrete with a personal story. In fact this painful experience still triggers me, up to this day. 


My father was a sailor, he still loves to sail with his boat, but he used to be a super fanatic; always sailing at sea with his incredibly fast, tough sailing boat from Scheveningen to England to France. Really, no wave was too high for him.  


Now in this memory I am around seven years old. Dad was sailing with the crew towards France, to St. Malo.


It was summer vacation and I went with my two older sisters and my mother by car to the marina in France where the men were docked by boat.


It was a long ride and so very warm in the middle of summer. We saw a beautiful beach with stones along the coast in France and decided to stop. We felt like cooling off and my mother, sisters and I (all four of us), walked to the sea for a while. My two elder sisters went into the water together. I watched it from a distance with my feet just in the water and my mother was standing next to me. 


I saw my two sisters laughing and playing and my middle sister (who is 15 months older than me), went out pretty deep and far. In the distance I also saw someone with a large dog, it was a brown boxer, playing in the water and then suddenly something happened. 

That dog was swimming, then out of nowhere, went right up to my middle sister. He spontaneously started biting her and pushing his paws under the water, my mum started screaming, and I immediately wanted to run into the water to save my sister. But my mother also started screaming at me that I was not allowed to enter the water and that I should remain standing by the bag. Crying with impotence, I watched the incident pass me by, as if I was watching a film.


My mum ran into the water fully clothed, and was able to push off my sister's dog (that was barely visible, because she kept getting pushed underwater by the other dog's paws); and mum dragged my coughing, spluttering sister out of the sea. Blood was running everywhere. Especially from her arms. The imprint of this image and the accompanying feeling: the screaming, the panic, is stored in my subconscious and conscious mind as if branded into it.


The owner arrived terrified, and took the dog, much too late as the damage was already done. Many stitches later my sister was released with a fright and a box of chocolates from the owner of the dog.


I remember that the worst thing was that I was not allowed to help while my sister was being attacked by a boxer. I never wanted to experience that helpless feeling again. Bam: an imprint was created from the feelings of a seven year old girl.


But what do you think, after hearing this story, has had the biggest effect at the subconscious level? Well, I can tell you: I love dogs. We have always had dogs, from large to small from Belgian Shepherds, Rottweilers, to West Highland White Terriers. However, this love changes when Boxers are around. I cramp, the shivers run down my spine, I start to shake uncontrollably from the centre of my being. And I can’t help but  walk around it with a gigantic curve. You see, as a girl of seven, I linked this incident to the boxer. Now I associate every boxer with this experience and this feeling.


This is my, or rather the, human survival system in overdrive. Meaning the memory has become an imprint on a subconscious level. I can think with my sober, rational mind: ‘Come on Lisette, this boxer, this dog is not dangerous’. But no, the feeling dominates, the emotion linked to the picture, in this case that dog, has become a limiting belief and outdated pattern .


If I don't tackle this, that fear will remain latent at the subconscious level for the rest of my life, or in other words will be forever present. That's how intelligent the mind is. So this has become a mental block. A blockage that hinders energy flow in a particular area of ​​my life. 


While you're listening to this, I want to ask you to go back yourself. Back to a memory from your childhood, something that you know has an impact. Something that has an effect on your life to this day. What have become blockages in your life? 


Think back to the time that teacher said something, or the scolding you got from a parent, or the moment you fell and everyone laughed. 


It can be something big or something small. But remember: from a child's mindset and perception, anything, no matter how small, can be the end of the world. Such as experiencing an argument between parents. A child will say: ‘Maybe it’s because of me. And if they get a divorce it might be my fault. And then who will take care of me? Where will I live?’. Perhaps that was when you decided to 'please', because if you do, they might stick together. Then 'please' becomes your pattern and you end up with a burnout because you give away way too much of yourself. You efface yourself …


And then, years later, you really can't figure out where it comes from.


95% is at the subconscious level and whether you are awake or sleeping, your subconscious mind is always spinning. Every thought is heeded. If you think: ‘I am afraid’, then you will feel it in your body.


If you think: ‘I want abundance’, then your subconscious programming responds. However, if you have a subconscious block you won’t truly manifest what you’re looking for. Personally, even when I tried manifesting abundance there was an enormous block financially. My subconscious belief was: ‘Yes, but money does not make you happy, money causes arguments’. In my family there was an abundance of money, pure financial wealth; but it made people in my childhood view, rude, mean, selfish, cold, distant, spoiled. In fact, it created so much jealousy that they couldn't even communicate normally anymore, family members who file lawsuits against each other because they fear they will fall short. I still can't comprehend it. 


Anyway, that was my subconscious pattern of financial abundance. So when money came in, it had to come out as quickly as possible - following the rules of the energetic block I had in my subconscious that had provided protection as a child. There was that awful fear that I too could become like those adult specimens I had seen so often growing up … 


Yes, and you understand: I transformed this, I discovered this on a subconscious level, and now I understand my pattern. Now I understand my limiting beliefs based on a young girl's truth. 


By the way, I recently got a nice 'block test' via email, it suddenly came back to me when considering financial limitations and beliefs. It was from someone who listens to my podcasts, but posted a separate comment about my rates and services aka the energy exchange I provide. 


Believe me, before breaking through my blockages I might have accepted it, but not now, you know why not? Because I immediately recognised that person's limiting pattern: a block on financial beliefs. Yep, been there, done that! Then I did something right away which I recommend you do too when someone is trying to take your energy down. I sent the person remote love, pure love and healing, in thoughts (remember, thoughts are energy). After all what you wish for someone else, you will receive back.


And you may (and can) always wish that on anyone, as long as it is from a loving, real frequency. A top tip: do not participate in low frequencies, do not fall for it. Even though your ego often wants to react immediately and bite back, don't do it. Strive to remain neutral. Then it does not affect your own energy. That would be such a shame. Send love and wish them the best, no matter what! 


You see now I know, after much trial and error, that I am more than worth it. I am 1000% worth it, and I deliver so much value with what I do. I change, improve, give life and yes even save lives … 


Just ask yourself: what's that worth? 


Well, I can tell you that it cannot be expressed in value. It is purely an energy exchange, and if you start to see money like that then it can flow freely. Remember, if money goes out, it flies out of your wallet, think immediately: ‘There is always more where that came from’. I repeat: ‘There is always more where that came from’, it is an inexhaustible source, and yes: pure mindset !


I know now: I am no longer a little girl, I am not my past, I am not my pedigree, I am not my shy girl. What I am is a walking, speaking, breathing expression of this truth: ’I am love’, my essence is pure love for everything and everyone. All possibilities are within me. Just as it is with you! Regardless of what you have experienced and will experience.


You are pure essence with infinite possibilities. What is my potential? My potential is infinite, and as I move towards my potential, it develops, expands and grows. My potential and my possibilities are endless. This is knowing on a deeply conscious and subconscious level. This truth is programmed into every cell of my being. 

And that applies not only to me but 100% to you too! That’s because we are all basically the same and I want to give this to you, from the bottom of my heart!


The Law of Attraction set my energy in motion, so I got into action, well, after I realised it wasn't just going to come to me. 


You have to take action, it’s not a passive process. If you really want to manifest and be successful, if you are ambitious, if you want to manifest abundance in all areas of your life; then you have to transform your limiting beliefs and patterns, clear your blockages. Only then can you step away from endlessly going in circles and energy can begin to flow freely. 


Then you are ready for the next level. 


You see if you apply ‘The Secret’, consciously sending your thoughts in a certain direction, then it is the same as sailing a boat on the water. You will move forward, but what's the undercurrent doing? Is it pulling you somewhere else? Like the tides will in the ocean. If you try to go against the flow, an enormous amount of energy is expended and you won’t necessarily get the result you seek. By the way, I recommend podcast #8 and #9 for breaking through and transforming blockages. Really very powerful! 


So, yes, thoughts are things and can manifest. But what is more powerful than thoughts? 

What do you think?


The answer is emotions! Emotions are infinitely more powerful than thoughts. That is why feeling is essential. Are your 'high frequency thoughts' in sync with your 'undercurrent, your subconscious', are there no more violent blocks? Then you are a manifestation star! A shining star that can set in motion anything, whatever you pay your attention to.


Your attention is whatever you choose to focus on. So the challenge is all yours. 

Where is your focus? In the past, present or future? What are you grateful for, really deeply, deeply grateful? And that doesn't have to be something big, something outside of yourself, it can be within yourself. Recently I even thanked my heart, my faithful beating heart. That felt so good! And honestly … how often do you do that?


My tip: write down what you’re grateful for, take action, set that shift in motion. Every day, every morning and evening. 


What are your wishes and dreams?

What are your vicious cycles and patterns?

What would you like to change in your life?

What emotions do you experience during the day?

And I mean, the differences in emotions, the energy of emotions. 

Is that a high frequency emotion: such as joy, gratitude, happiness, love?

Or is the most dominant emotion you feel a low frequency, such as: pain, sadness, anger, anger, apathy, shame, heaviness?


You attract more to the emotion that is most dominant! That is the law of attraction! It’s not hocus pocus, it is purely the law of energy. So fear attracts even more fear and happiness attracts even more situations and circumstances in that same happy, happy vibe and frequency. 


So if you want to shift your mindset, if you want to make that Energy Shift, it is the intention that the subconscious will shift. By shifting I mean changing, changing and transforming to a higher energetic frequency. Did you know that every cell in your body, which is built like a stack of Lego blocks is made up of much smaller parts, namely atoms? And that every atom is: 99.99999% empty space! This is a statement by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who’s a neuroscientist and he's done some wonderful studies on this. I really do recommend you take a further look! I have linked to some of his work at where you can also find all names in the show notes associated with this episode.

But that 99.99999% Dr. Dispenza calls empty space, it consists of: information, energy, frequency and so it is only: 0.00001% particle or tangible material. 


That's why I bang on so much about energy! Everything is energy, this has been scientifically proven, so watch your energetic frequency.


Once again, it is great you are here, that you took the time to listen to the podcast, really brilliant! It’s so good that you are ready to develop, grow and transform. Really, so, so important, at least, if you want to become and be the best version of yourself! 


Anyway, insight gives freedom! Which is why, especially for you and this podcast episode, I have made a ‘LOA Manifestation: Emotion & Sensation Sheet’ for you for no less than one month! It will help you to gain insight into your frequencies, because what you do not understand you cannot transform. 


So are you ready to transform? To become the best version of yourself?

Great, then you've come to the perfect place!


This is not what I do, this is who I am. And as you now understand, it did not happen automatically, it did not just come to me, I did the most important thing and that is: took action. Honestly, it will not happen automatically. If you really feel that passion, that drive, that hunger for more, then I can help you. Either through my podcasts with an abundance of super, powerful free tools. Or for those who want more, want a deeper and stronger result, much faster, then you can do this in sessions in my practice, both online and 1:1. 


There’s also the opportunity to join my mega dream event, for the most powerful Abundance Shift is for those who join me in Bali, for the Abundance Retreat! It can really kickstart your life and I, for one, am so looking forward to it! 


Whatever you do, please remember that it is very important to do it at your own pace, your way. Step by step and with love for yourself! Then everything will flow by itself!


I am already very proud of you, because I feel that you are taking the first steps to setting beautiful Energy shifts in motion to a higher frequency, and that fills my heart with, yes (here it is), with JOY (my name comes from somewhere ;)! Joy is one of the highest frequencies. So then you immediately understand my underlying reason for: giving, sharing, helping, healing. As all of these things fill me with love, with joy, with gratitude and that is the frequency we want to be in if we want to move forward in life!


Really, it is an absolute must! Also, it feels so wonderful, a kind of energy high, a warm, loving hug with a beautiful and powerful impact. If you stay at this frequency, what do you think happens? The feeling can only keep growing more and more, because the universe cannot help but give back what you send out. That's The Secret! That's the law of attraction!


So, keep your frequency high, in the next podcasts I will talk much more about this. But for now start with downloading the free sheet I made! Don't underestimate the power of this, it's not just any piece of paper, it's your treasure map to a life of abundance! A powerful tool and remember: insight gives freedom!


I am very curious about your experiences! Please share them with me and email it via, doing so makes it more real for you too, and it gets the energy moving even better.


Onwards to a life high in frequency & love! Embrace in gratitude all the wealth you already have: from being able to breathe in oxygen to the beating of your heart, to your constant best friend in your subconscious, all elements to be deeply grateful for. 


I am deeply grateful that you gave the time, space and energy, for me and for yourself.


See you next podcast! 

xxx Lisette

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