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21st december 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 151. The Power Of Making Intuitive Choices: Discover How You Can Make A Super Fast Choice With Your Intuition + Learn The 3 Step ASK Technique 


Do you find when trying to make a choice that you doubt and worry about whether or not you should take that next step? 


  • Whoa! Let’s stop that! To easily end this inner conflict, discover the 3 steps from my ASK Technique! 


  • As soon as you apply and master this, you will have your choice and answer clear within 3 seconds.  


  • So that you can confidently shift to the next level completely free of choice stress!  



(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #151! 


Do you know the feeling of wanting to do something but feeling unsure whether you should or shouldn’t do it? 


You feel a happy 'yes' in the moment, but the longer you think about it, the more it turns into a doubt. Then in the end, you choose not to.  


But …  after a while you find that you are still in the same situation, with the same problems and challenges, the same patterns and vicious cycles spinning round. 


Then after all that, you start to doubt and think: ‘Maybe I should have said yes after all …’ 


Do you recognise this?  


In addition to the choice stress, you also notice that your head is overflowing and spinning with thoughts, shooting in every direction. 


Doubt, uncertainty and fear of possible consequences start taking over … 


If you recognise this or are regularly doing it - I say great! 



No, not great about overthinking and doubting and all that. But it's great that you are listening to this podcast, because I'm going to teach you a super fast, intuitive way to make the right choice straightaway. No thinking required! 


Yes, you heard it right - without thinking! 


How? You may be wondering now.  


Very simple.  

It can be mastered in 3 steps that I have called the ASK Technique.  


But first I want you to think of a question, something you want to do but are unsure about. For example, a question regarding your education. Suppose you have doubts about following a programme, you can ask: ‘Is it for my highest good if I now follow the [EnergyJoy intuition] training?’ 


Now think of a question of your own and try not to think about the answer. Let go of the answer.  

We are going to approach the answer from a different way, one I call the intuitive flight path. And that route requires a short preparation before you can energetically drop the question.  


The first step (the A from the ASK technique) is:  


Step 1: Breathe 

Breathe in and out slowly. The perfect way to step out of fear of the future and sadness of the past is: Breathe. Fully experience and feel your breaths in the here and now. So that your energy and focus is also here, completely in the here and now.  

So consciously breathe in slowly and deeply … and exhale.  

And again, breathe in and out, very good. 

And one last time consciously, breathe in and out.  


Step 2: Scan 

Now scan your body as you feel the breath and energy flowing through it. Consciously feel your body in and around you. This is you right now in this moment. Notice how you’re feeling without the need to give it any meaning. Purely acknowledge how you feel right now. Warm, cold, light, heavy, open, closed, tingling or tickling, oppressive or relaxed and feeling loose. Whatever you feel is okay, this is your SCAN in this moment. This is your anchor and starting point. 

You can do this super fast - in seconds - consciously directing your energy, as if you were putting yourself through an X-ray scan.  


Step 3: Power question 

Now is the time to bring your question to mind. Ask your question 3 times in your mind. Repeat it three times. Make sure the question contains power so that it enters and resonates in the deepest layers.  

And without thinking I want you to feel your body and energy in and around you.  

Feel any energetic shifts, experience every subtle change, displacement, shift.  

Don't think: just feel and experience.  


And now you may describe to yourself what your body and energy has told you in answer to your question. 

Everyone has a different intuitive voice and language so learn to recognise your voice and then you can translate it with ease. 


Some examples of the ways this voice communicates are: 

Did your body open more or close up? 

Did your energy increase or decrease? 

Did you feel it getting hot or cold in or around you?  

Did you feel a ‘Yes’, happy, bubbly 'yes' sensation or just the opposite? 

Did your body move forward or backward? And which movement feels like yes or no?  


Again, everyone experiences it differently. Also trust the intuitive meaning of your physical and energetic language.  

It's subtle and faster than thinking - within 3 seconds! 


It is actually an 'instant knowing', a direct inner knowing!  


Amazing right?! 


Maybe you already use this or maybe it's new to you.  

Wherever you are at the moment, know that we are all basically the same.  

We are all made of stardust so all possibilities and opportunities are available to everyone. 


So why does one person succeed and the other person doesn't? 


Very simply, the person who succeeds does not think for hours and days. That person chooses in the moment then grabs the opportunities that are offered with both hands. 


And that person thinks: ‘Even if retrospectively, my choice turned out not to be the right one, I still learned from it!’


So every choice is a win-win situation.  


There is only 1 situation in which you are the loser: And that is when you don't make a choice! 


Fortunately, with the ASK Technique you can ask your intuition for help at any time of the day.  


So now the choice is yours!  


Here are two questions that you can feel for yourself right now, but first:


  2. SCAN 


And the first powerful question is: 

Are you choosing the ultimate personal, energetic and intuitive transformation for your life right now? (Repeat 3x)  


Feel, experience, pay attention to the subtle signals. And? What is your answer? 


And here comes the second question, again first: 


  2. SCAN (let go of your previous question) 


The second powerful Question: 

Are you choosing the ultimate personal, high-frequency transformation for your business right now? (Repeat 3x)  


And feel and experience your energy, your body -  feel the subtle signals. Very well.  


Well I'm curious. Because these were of course 2 test questions, but maybe a surprising answer came out. 


Please let me know! 


I will also put the ASK technique in the shownotes at: 


If you got a surprise from your energetic and intuitive response, then I'd love to hear it too and invite you to a Soul Connection Call. So that together we can look energetically at what the next best step is for you.  


It’s so great that you are here! 

I hope you were able to get some nice insights from this podcast.  


Please share it with those who can also use these tools.  


Thank you for your time, energy and love across the ether! 

Big hug from me! 


X and love Lisette  

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 151. The Power of Making Intuitive Choices

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