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2nd november 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 144. The Rudder: How You Can Use Your Intuitive Power to Directly Shift Your Course + Quantum Jump Visualisation


Do you want to move forward and have a deep longing for a full life where you carry out your mission and purpose? Yet, you don’t know how to get there, or what exactly that life  looks like for you … 


  • Well, in this podcast you can meet your future self … 


  • … to receive powerful insights and information


  • And as soon as you have received this you can rapidly take action!


 (The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #144!


To get straight to the point: 

Are you happy with where you are now in your life?

Are you satisfied with what you are achieving and have achieved so far?


You can, of course, interpret these questions broadly. 

But what I'm focussing on are your answers regarding your own mission and life purpose. 


Are you living and moving in the frequency of your mission and life purpose right now?


Or do you feel that where you are right now is completely out of tune with what you are destined to do?


Because there is an essential key hidden there.


You may not know exactly what to do. But one thing I know for sure: You absolutely can intuitively feel whether or not you are on the right course. In other words, going in the right direction, right?


Often we linger in certain situations and circumstances out of a kind of false safety, out of a pattern, habit or simply because it is expected of us. Then after a while we just put up with it.




So do you have the feeling of: ‘I would like something completely different.’ (From a deep intuitive knowing.) ‘I'd just like to turn things around. Completely regardless of what others think. Because now it's time for me!’


Yes? Would you dare? Would you like to see that? 


Because suppose you now say: ‘Yes! I'm going to change course towards a direction that feels right for me. I'm going to listen to that intuitive voice, which has wanted that attention from me for so long. But honestly, I kept ignoring it …’


So now my question to you. Suppose you say ‘Yes!’ (without considering any circumstances, situations, financial aspects, certain people who would or would not agree with it … ) Just disconnect from everything holding you back for a moment and really listen to your intuitive voice: 

What direction would you take?

What would you want to do?

What makes you happy?

What would you like to share with the world?

What problems can you help solve or would you like to solve?

Who would you like to help? 

How would you bring your own expertise, life experience and skills to the table? So that it feels good for you.


Yes, I know, lots of questions. But questions open your energy, shift your frequency and are the portal to the infinite possibilities and thus the gateway to living your infinite potential!


So let's take a quantum leap through timelines.

Suppose we are 3 years ahead in time. So think about what date it is now and add 3 years to that. 


Join in, close your eyes if possible or do this Quantum Jump Visualisation at a later time. I will also put the time-stamp in the shownotes at:


Okay, consciously feel your body. 

And breathe in and out slowly … 

Again, breathe in and out slowly … 


Picture yourself in a nice light room and look around you. 

This space is in the here and now. You feel fine as you live your life, but you know that intuitively a voice is trying to get your attention. And that little voice now says loudly: ‘[your name], beautiful soul. It's your time, it's your moment, you get to adjust your course. You can choose yourself. It's time for yourself and for discovering and unfolding your ultimate potential. I am with you and will support and show you the way. You just need to feel and you will know. That way you will receive insights and answers. Feel and trust, you will know within 3 seconds’. And you smile at the voice of your inner knowing, your intuition, your faithful compass through life. ‘Thank you’, is what you say in your mind to this wise part of you. ‘I trust you and will start to feel and notice you better. Thanks for always being there for me’. 


And then you look around that light room you are in.

You look behind you and see the door of the past. In a flash all the lessons of this life pass through you. You distill from this what you can take with you, that which can help you on the path that is wide open in front of you. And you let go of what you can let go, anything which no longer serves you and can be left behind.

And while you let that sink in, you suddenly notice another door. A door with a sign above it and a date on it. ‘Hey’, you think ‘That's a coincidence, that's exactly 3 years ahead from today’. 

You feel a happy, almost childlike curiosity bubbling up as you walk towards the door. You intend to absorb everything you perceive there. You set the intention to absorb what you perceive. So that you can take the insights back to the now. Then you can take action with the insights you receive from your future course, 3 years from now.


You find yourself standing in front of the door, so you open it and step inside. Now, just look around you: what do you see? What are you experiencing? Who do you see?

You automatically shift to embodying the person you will be in 3 years time. Look down, look at your feet, what are you wearing? Where are you? How do you move? Then touch your head, your hair? How does it feel? You have arrived in the moment which is truly your moment. You took powerful action steps 3 years ago. You have listened to the voice of your intuition. You have chosen yourself. You have started to follow your deepest soul desires. You have taken steps toward your life's mission and ultimate potential. You smile, looking back at how everything has changed in those few years. Wow! You are increasingly becoming your true Soulful Self. And now the most important thing: How are you feeling? How does it feel to live in your power and splendour? How does it feel to really live from your heart and soul? Regardless of what others think. Regardless of what you have been taught. You chose you! 

And now ask your future self in your mind: 

What action steps have you taken?

What course did you sail? 

What have you let go of and what have you come to embrace?

What should I transform now? 

Which people were and weren't there for you? 

What is my life mission? 

What is my life purpose? 

What am I doing? 

Who do I help?


Receive and trust. 

Very good, just let it come to you within those 3 seconds.


And while you enjoy this moment it's time to go back to the now. So you look 1 more time at that sparkle in the eyes of your future self. Your eyes are the mirror of your soul. So soul to soul. What is the last thing your future self wants to give you? What can you shift? 


Very good, trust the insights that come to you within 3 seconds. Then you thank your future self for this moment, smile and go back to the door with today's date written on it. 


You walk through the door with a smile on your face. So much wiser, with so much clarity, so many insights. And when you step through the door, you immediately write down everything that has stayed with you. You can work with this, it is your new course, the roadmap provided by your future self. 

And you walk through the door and are back in that light room, in the here and now. You feel your feet on the ground and one thing stands out in the room, a mirror. You walk to the mirror, look at your reflection and especially notice your eyes. You see that the sparkle in your eyes has been activated or rather reactivated. The inner voice of your soul will show you the way from now on. 


Your course is clear and you are taking steps towards your roadmap. Just as your future self has provided it.


And you take a nice deep breath, just breathe in and out.

You feel your physical body again.

Stretch out and then you can come back to the here and now with the smile of EnergyJoy on your face!


Very good, welcome back to the here and now!


Start writing straightaway, take notes. These insights are super valuable - your course for the next 3 years! 

You experienced the future and only you know the right course for your soul, your life. 


You may do this visualisation as many times as you like, for insights and for just feeling wonderfully what you are capable of!


Well, I'm very curious: how was it for you?!

Let me know!


And most importantly: What action steps has your future self taken to get on the right course?


My advice: Take action right away!

You have now set the energy of momentum in motion. Make your future self proud because you are so, so worth it!


I will also put this Quantum Jump Visualisation in my 'Lisette Lucas App'. Then you always have it within reach. 


And good news: The exercise shifts with you, so you can always make a quick Quantum Jump for new insights.


It is important that you write any insights down immediately, because the intuitive and energetic information often does not pass through your thinking and analytical mind. Which is why it doesn’t stay long in your mind before it’s forgotten again. 


I want to wish you a lot of success! And do you need help? I am here for you at all stages of your transformation and transition. So DM or email me if you want more information about powerful acceleration steps.


Thank you for listening and participating! A gift for yourself, but also because of the ripple effect, for your loved ones and yes, ultimately for the world! It's in your own hands! Go for it!


X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 144. The Rudder + Quantum Jump Visualisation

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