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EnergyJoy typewriter script met High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

12th october 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 141. World Premiere of The 1st EnergyJoy PodCard Deck: How The Art Of Cosmic Downloads Accentuates And Accelerates Your Unique Powers And Talents. (Re)Activate Your Unique SuperPower in 5 Steps with my Cosmic 5-D Download Technique


Do you want to create something special and unique in the world, but somehow it seems like everything already exists … ? 


  • Discover in this podcast how I developed my unique PodCard Deck concept, something I didn’t realise had never been done before - the idea just came to me from using the cosmic download technique


  • In this episode I will also teach you the 5 Step Technique that can (re)activate your SuperPowers


  • So that you too can share your unique strengths and talents with the world in your own way! 


  • And: At the end I'll share my special EnergyJoy PodCard Deck Pre-Order Promotion, with a personalised limited time offer!


(The shownotes for this episode can be found


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Welcome to Podcast #141!


Who doesn't want to put something unique in the world that can help a lot of people?


It’s a dream right?!


Today I’m going to share a concept I was developing and working on which I suddenly saw via a cosmic download and at first, I didn’t realise it was a world first. When I received it it was one of those ‘Wow!’ or ‘Eureka!’ moments - you know when out of nowhere you’re suddenly hit with an inspired, brilliant idea.


That’s exactly what happened to me and now I'm on the verge of launching my own and the world's very first: PodCard Deck! 

(And yes, of course I looked and searched, but as far as I know this concept doesn't exist yet!)


So I'm quite proud of this special moment, which I would of course like to share with you. 


Because yes, let’s be fair: without you this wouldn't even have been possible!


But let me explain the PodCard Deck to you.


At the beginning of 2020, I launched my very first Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond podcast episode called ‘Intuition’. 

It was super exciting and I had such a deep, intuitive knowing: ‘This is the moment!’.


So that's when (with trembling knees) the very first podcast went on the air. And yes, if you listen back … you can hear my voice still has to get used to the dynamics, energy and speed of speaking in the podcast way.


But through the podcasts you can hear my growth and the proof of: Practice makes Progress! So take that with you, it doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to take action. 


So feeling that the time is now, I made a commitment with myself to launch one podcast every week for at least 2 years on Wednesday (podcast Wednesday). And at the time of this podcast, we’re at episode #141 and it’s been almost 3 years! So I can now look back and say: Wow …  that weekly commitment has not been in vain. 


Naturally it came to the point that there were so many different EnergyJoy podcasts, that I started to get the question from students, clients and listeners: ‘Gosh, Lisette, which episode is the right one for me?’. 


Well, if you know a little about my work and the way I teach, you’ll know I always send you back to yourself. Inward, into your soul, into your inner knowing and your intuition.


So, my answer to this question was to scroll through the list of podcasts with the energy, intent and question: ‘Which podcast episode is right for me today?’. And ask yourself that 3 times.  


I got feedback from listeners that this worked perfectly and they were amazed at the podcasts that magically appeared before them. Also, they were astounded with the synchronicity that followed over the days and weeks.


In hindsight, it was then that the magical moment happened to me: I received a cosmic download - an insight, a knowledge came to me, through me. With the combination of my advice to scroll intuitively and cosmic insights I suddenly saw the PodCard Deck. In other words: Card Decks with my Podcast episodes as the theme and common thread.


Unconsciously through my podcast, I’ve created a still unfolding and growing huge online training programme. A training programme that utilises the Phases of Development and Transformation of my EnergyJoy Transition System®, moving through: energetic awakening, powerful transformation and breaking through blockages. Ultimately leading to the desired result of living and embracing the frequency of EnergyJoy, so you can propagate the Soulful and live your life purpose and mission!


All this has led to the eve of the launch and world premiere of the very first EnergyJoy PodCard Deck!


And I have exciting news: as I record this, the finishing touches are being put on the very first card deck from a series of 3 decks! Now, you may already have the PodCard Deck in your hands by the time you listen to this episode, but yes, you heard right! The EnergyJoy PodCard Deck® grows and develops with you! How cool is that?!


It can be used by anyone who wants to awaken on an energetic level; who wants to get the most out of life; who is curious about what lies beyond the beaten track and visible borders. It’s perfect for that person who wants to transform powerfully, break through blockages and gain more insight into themselves and the world of energy, so they can carry out their ultimate soul mission.  


And the great thing is the PodCard Deck can also be used in your own practice and business because of the depth and layers in the cards. (Or even a future business.)

I have also developed the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy training programme in which I teach you my unique Intuitive Mindmap Method®. The special techniques I teach in this Method, will also allow you to give in-depth readings and consultations and receive powerful insights, for yourself, loved ones, friends and also for your clients. 


So the EnergyJoy PodCard Deck® is a hugely powerful, multidimensional and interactive tool. One that came into existence through me from consistently receiving cosmic downloads from the universe. 


And as promised: I am now going to give you my 5 Steps of the 'Cosmic Download Technique®'.


Using this technique I have received and downloaded everything about this card deck on an energetic level.


And good news: you can utilise this too! 

So are you ready?


Here they are: 


'EnergyJoy Cosmic Download Technique®':


  1. Intention: 'Where Focus Goes Energy Flows', so set the energetic intention with the power of your thoughts, to send your energy into the cosmos so that you can receive downloads.

  2. Opening: You are going to open yourself energetically (think of this as the 'ON' button) by saying: 'I open my energy field and am receptive and accessible to the infinite source of intelligence and creation.'  

  3. Breath: This seems so simple but it is really essential! Your deep, conscious breath takes you out of your head and brings you to your heart and soul. The place from which you can communicate on an energetic level with the higher intelligence. 

  4. Receive: Prepare for receiving by saying: ‘Yes, I am open to receive. I let the cosmic insights, information and ideas for my highest good come to me as downloads. I receive in love and with the purest, purest intention’. As soon as you gain insights (and that can happen directly in the moment or while you are doing something completely different): write them down. Write down the download immediately! Believe me, otherwise you will forget it, because often it does not enter through your thinking mind. 

  5. Action: Step into powerful action! Without action … nothing happens! No matter how many insights you receive. So be grateful and convert all your insights from the 5-Dimensional to the 3-Dimensional with a smile on your face, in the frequency of EnergyJoy! The place where dimensions come together and the most beautiful unique ideas become reality!


Well, I'm really looking forward to your downloads! Please let me know what you receive, I'm super excited to hear from you!

With these steps you can get started right away.

And remember: Everything is already available within you! 

So I wish you a lot of success.


And I also received a cosmic download to celebrate my unique PodCard Deck and which got me super excited: a second cosmic download of the idea of an EnergyJoy Pre-Order! When it suddenly hit me it felt like a total ‘Yes’ on a soul level.  


Because yes, I want to thank my loyal listeners, students and clients in my own way for their unending support, love and trust.


So go to: and Pre-Order your own EnergyJoy PodCard Deck and where I'm giving away no less than 10 mini PodCard Deck readings! For those Quick Action Takers, the Energy-Joy-ers who immediately jump into action - because action is what it’s all about! And your immediate quick action taking can be rewarded with a mini-reading by me! 


Plus, I will personally sign the 1st 25 PodCard Deck pre-orders with a handwritten message for your frequency. So don't forget to mention your first name when ordering and pre-ordering. (If you’re purchasing as a gift for someone else then leave their name and date of birth in the comments section.) 


Go to: to find the Pre-Order Promotion Link. 


I can't wait for the official launch. And of course the Quick Action Takers will receive the Podcard deck 1st! And those who won the mini-PodCard Deck reading with me will receive a personal message!


I wish you great success with the cosmic download techniques and with the EnergyJoy PodCard Deck!


Before you know it, you too can manifest your unique Soul Aligned idea and share it with the world! Exactly the way I did it! Do you want to know and learn more about this? Send me a DM or email to: with this podcast episode number 141 and we'll connect there! 


Big hug and see you soon!


Love Lisette



EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 141. World Premiere of The 1st EnergyJoy PodCard Deck

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