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6th may 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Welcome to Podcast #14.

In this episode we do some troubleshooting: through one simple exercise you are able to connect to the infinite, inexhaustible source of possibilities, to find solutions and inspiration!


First, let me say that it is great that you are here! 


Today's episode is immensely powerful and, if you apply the simple practice I'm giving you later, can greatly transform your life forever. In the most positive sense of the word. 


If you apply it properly you will be connected to something that is bigger than yourself. Something that can offer an inexhaustible source of inspiration; motivation, support, help and possibilities.


In fact if you really master and apply it to every fibre of your being, so that it becomes a new habit, then the inspiration will just flow. Then you end up in 'the state of flow' and ideas just arise, from nothing and anywhere - for example I often get the best ideas out of the blue when I’m in the shower. 


So, how did I get to this stage? Well, quite simply, I learned to apply this technique and strategy, I will give an example of how it works. Say I want the solution to a problem, insights for a situation, or like today, ideas and inspiration for a new podcast. I use the strategy that I will soon give you, and a flood of information, ideas, inspiration and solutions comes in, so many ideas that I immediately write them down. 


That leads to tip #1: once you’ve mastered the technique and applied the strategy to an issue you’re trying to resolve, write down any ideas that flow to you immediately. Sometimes you will receive so much, so many beautiful and powerful ideas that you just have to write them down as it comes into your head. If you wait 20 - 30 minutes, your own filter of limiting beliefs, your own story and your own patterns have already started working with it. Which is a great shame, both for yourself and for someone else who can help, support or guide you with it. 


I regularly get the question: Lisette, how do you get your inspiration? Recently I received a sweet, beautiful email from a colleague who was inspired by my work. And a thank you email from a client in which she thanked me immensely for her transformation and was amazed that I had succeeded; (of course my response was that she really did it herself, I just gave a push in the right direction). Then there’s the lady who says she got pregnant after a session in which she discovered what was blocking her; or someone who manifested their dream home or who met the love of their life. Or someone who fought for her life and now feels supported with the knowledge of how to transform the strength and light within herself to overcome a life-threatening illness.


There is no better compliment, right? Truly, I couldn’t be more grateful for comments like these. Meaning something to someone else is the most beautiful gift you can give to others and yourself. No new pair of shoes can compete with that. Even though I also love buying shoes and I have rather a lot of them; they cannot compete with the satisfaction one gets from the deep humility you feel (right to the core), when you’ve been of service to another. That creates a snowball effect, fueling the eagerness, the hunger, the drive. It motivates you to delve deeper within yourself, to develop further and become the best version of yourself. At least that's how it works for me and to be honest, I'm actually sure, for you too! 


I dare say, none of this would have been possible if I had not taken the first step myself. I had to overcome my greatest fears and take a leap of faith.


But has all of this transforming been solely facilitated by me? No, of course not. I have received support, help, lessons and training from many, many mentors and teachers; all of whom contributed something in their own way and who still contribute to my development on a daily basis. 


However, the most important thing is the trust and belief in yourself that you can do it. 

To do so you must remove limiting beliefs: all the stories that make up your inner narrative, that keep you small, that others have told you which stem from their own limitations. All these old patterns and outdated habits should forever be removed, destroyed, shredded and left behind you. 


Also you must work on your confidence and inner knowledge that you are connected to something that is greater than yourself. That is why this podcast was created. 


At the moment everyone lives a bit (albeit out of necessity) in their own bubble, their own cocoon, or just to get into the Bali Abundance Retreat atmosphere: in their own coconut.


I notice in my own children and also in myself that everyone will quickly isolate themselves. Swiftly withdrawing into their own world. At this time it stands out more than ever. 


And in those moments of isolation, those moments of perhaps being lonely or feeling alone, do you ever wonder: am I really alone? 


In this solitude one person may feel lonely, another will love it, someone else will get restless and yet another just blossoms. 


But do you ever wonder while sitting in your own safe, protective coconut: am I actually alone? Am I on my own?


Is a coconut alone or does it grow, live and propagate in a larger environment of interconnected, visible and invisible sources and forces?


We know one of the most essential elements for the palm tree is light, sunlight that is. With this necessity, palm trees have selected the most ideal environments to live. They can be found in the best, high-quality sun drenched spots where they can grow, develop and fully bloom. 


A palm tree (including coconuts) is only here for one thing. What do you think it is? 

It is here to live and survive and reproduce and use its full potential. It uses all the powers given to it to evolve. Making it a powerful, flexible and leaf-shedding tree that grows taller and taller, fully open to receiving the light.


Old leaves that the palm no longer needs, it lets go of. These substantial leaves of up to 6 metres in length, are released when the time is right and what is left behind is used to grow more. The innocuous palm tree cares not for whether it is the right time for others when it decides to regenerate, something I learned firsthand in Bali a few years ago. 


It had been a somewhat restless tropical night in terms of weather. The following morning the monsoon had passed, and I thought it would be nice to take a fresh morning dip. Hanging in the pool with my arms on the edge I was suddenly startled and very surprised by a hard crack and a huge painful blow to my head and back. Guess what: the storm had provided the perfect conditions for the palm tree to re-generate and grow with ease; so one had decided to release a giant leaf. I was lucky and climbed out of the pool only quite shocked. This was just another reminder of the power of nature, alongside the transience of man. (I will put the picture in the shownotes). 


I feel that this memory is good to share, as a reminder that despite everything going on in the world, all the palm trees continued undaunted with what they are destined to do. Grow, develop, propagate and live life, using its full potential. Getting the best out of it, despite the situation.


We should all make use of the possibilities that present themselves and come up with all kinds of creative ways to reach your ultimate goal. 


Do you know how a coconut mainly spreads, naturally, without the help of human hands? The coconut can travel gigantic distances, especially so by floating over the oceans. Coconuts from Asia have even been found off the coast of Norway. 


What do you think? Do you think that coconut decides on the spur of the moment: ‘dude, I'm going to take a nice trip on the oceans, I haven't been to Scandinavia yet, so turn on my GPS and go full course to Norway’!


Definitely a possibility, right? Haha, but when you think about it, about the intelligence behind such a complex ecosystem, you realise it was not invented by man and the human mind. A greater power has come into play here. That greater power that has conceived, created, developed everything in great detail. 


Well, I would like to meet that higher power, because if you had that wisdom, wow !! I am talking about mentors and teachers in earthly existence, but above these there are the mentors and teachers of universal existence. 


How wonderful, powerful and interesting is that! 


If this sounds good to you then you've landed in the right podcast. I don't think it's a coincidence either. 


But back to the palm and coconut. Straight back to the basics: what does the palm do for growth and development, in addition to taking in water and nutrients through the earth's food source? The palm is always reaching for the light! The more light, the better, the closer to the light, the better; the more powerful the palm is, filled with more vitality, more energy and generally healthier. Of course with the right balance. Balance is key, both for the palm, the coconut and everything in nature, and of course for us humans too.


So what do you think is the right step besides the obvious of good nutrition and rest? 

Connecting with the light! Connecting to the source of the universal light, the source of all wisdom, insights, ideas, inspiration and creation.


That's where the key lies! And I will now explain how exactly you can do that, which technique and strategy you can apply. 


And you will also receive the special guided 'IYS' session with this podcast for free. I, Y, S standing for: Infinite Yes Strategy. In other words, 'All IYS on me' strategy because I say ‘Yes’ to connection!


You can request this via the shownotes on


But before we begin there are 6 steps to follow. It’s important you make sure all of these steps are completed before you start. Especially if you are learning and applying the IYS strategy for the first time: 


  1. Rest: find a place where you have peace, where you feel comfortable and where you cannot be disturbed for a while. Anything new is seen as a threat by your primal programming. So to your primal instincts, something new is always something your mind resists. Step number 6 tells you more about this.

  2. Off: turn off all distractions such as TV, radio, or notifications via tablet, computer, notebook or mobile. Put all devices on silent, whatever is necessary for you. Remember, your mind always chooses something that is known over something that is new. So if a message pops up while doing this new exercise you will instinctively check it. Then before you know it you scroll over facebook or insta and watch a video via youtube. Believe me, I am also guilty of this, so I consciously turn off all distractions. Then my inner pressure maker also immediately knows where he stands. 

  3. Relieve yourself: make sure you've been to the bathroom so your mind can't suddenly start thinking: ‘Oh, I think I’ll distract you by making you feel your bladder is full.’ How many times have you fallen for this and it turned out to be just a few drops. Oh, don't underestimate the power of your mind. 

  4. Sitting: sit quietly or lie down whatever is comfortable or convenient for you. My personal preference for this exercise is sitting upright, because this exercise is not supposed to put you to sleep. In certain transformation sessions with hypnosis as a starting point, falling asleep does help. But during this session you want to remain at a conscious level, relaxed. Your subconscious is always on, 24/7 so you don't have to worry about whether the message will get through when conscious. If you fall asleep, no problem, you can just repeat the exercise as often as you need to. However, it is especially effective when you get inspiration, information, answers or insights that you can write them down immediately afterwards. This allows you to actively work with them and progress. Which is where we want to go, right? 

  5. Scan: scan your body. Start feeling where something pinches, something itches or where you may experience pain or discomfort. You scan from head to toe. So you start at your head, the crown of your head and slowly descend to your neck, chest, arms, stomach, pelvis, legs, feet and toes. The focus is on perceiving. It's not about dissolving right now but feeling and then thinking, okay, I perceive you, this is me. This is my starting point before starting the IYS session. So: scan it, acknowledge it and you're good to go. This is a very important step! Those who are trained by me in intuitive development and mediumship know that this is essential - so learn it right away. 

  6. Choose: make a conscious choice to do this. Say to yourself out loud or in your head: ‘I choose to apply the IYS strategy. This is what I want’. Then your physical body will automatically adjust to it, because your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. So if you choose something, your body will follow as a loyal subject. That is why it is essential to guard your thoughts, because your body believes everything you think and reacts immediately. So if ​​you experience resistance between your ears. If your mind finds it strange, scary or exciting; say again: ‘I choose it, it is safe and I am in good hands. This is what I want right now’. 


And then you are ready to start the session. 


Now think: do you have any specific questions you want answering, any problems you encounter or any specific insights you need? If yes, write them down specifically in advance. The questions that will receive the best answers are open questions. So start your question with the 5 W's or the H. The 5 W's stand for: who, what, where, why, when and the H stands for: how? For example: ‘what is important for me to know today for my development & growth’? Or, ‘how can I achieve my goals’? 


I posed a question in this way and applied it to the IYS technique before making this podcast. My question was: what's important to today's podcast? The insights and inspiration I received came in almost immediately. This is not always the case, sometimes you receive the insight later: while you are out walking or just doing something else. 


But in this case the most important thing came to me almost immediately. I discovered what is best for you as a listener of the EnergyJoy podcast to shift. 


The answer came in three parts, firstly: Trust and Rest. 


The overwhelming feeling I received with the insight was that it is important for you to trust in your own wisdom and your own abilities. Feel that trust deep within you, instead of relying on everything that happens outside and around you. That is where the wisdom resides and if you do that it can make space for tranquillity within yourself. So trust and tranquillity.


Second: you are unique, your view is unique. I felt down to the core that deep down only you feel what is good for you. Listen to that!


And third: cortisol levels rise, laugh.


In other words, laughter is a very important remedy for relaxation. In times of stress and tension we end up in fight or flight mode. This causes cortisol levels to rise (cortisol is also called the stress hormone).