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24th august 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 134. The Life-Changing Impact of a Mentor : How An Expert Mentor Accelerates You To Living And Carrying Out Your Ultimate Soul Mission + Stories of My Own Experience With My Mentor Mavis Pittila


Do you want to make strong progress in a specific area but don’t know how …? 

  • My advice and personal experience: Start developing under the wings of an expert mentor!


  • This allows you to experience mega growth, transformation and acceleration.


  • So that you can then do what you are destined to do! 


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 Welcome to Podcast #134!


Today's podcast has an emotional charge for me but also an overflowing of gratitude. 


On 22nd August 2022, my mentor Mavis Pittilla returned home: Mavis is back to the spirit world and has left earthly life. 

Her life partner and wife Jean wrote that after a short illness, Mavis peacefully and lovingly left her physical body and that her soul is now free. 


Mavis Pittilla is a worldwide renowned English medium, one of the greatest pioneers of modern spiritualism today. 


I still remember the first time I met her in 2011. I had really started developing my psychic and psychological skills in 2009 and since then had already heard a lot about Mavis Pittilla. When I met Mavis she was teaching for a day as a special guest teacher at the Academy for Mediumship of José Gosschalk in Naarden. 


I was so excited for the day and Mavis felt like a walking legend to me as she entered the room. There was silence and the energy was almost palpable. Mavis' presence, energy and allure were of a different order. I mean, she's not very big but her presence and power filled the room with ease.


That day she said something which left a big impression: ‘Later on I won't recognise you by your face but by your “auric field”.’ It was said so beautifully and was so special that she would remember us by our energy fields, our auras. 

That day she also watched my 'movement' in my 'auric field' and I received a compliment about the stability of my energy. 

Well, that was a relief … I mean I had no idea what happens to your energy when you’re kind of ‘starstruck’ as I was then … haha! So I was happy with her compliment. 


She left a lasting impression that day, at over 70 years old. But what struck me most was how ordinary she really was - smoking a cigarette during the breaks, chatting with everyone. 

So for me after that day it was clear: ‘I want to see more of Mavis! I must be there!’

The following years I had the pleasure of meeting Mavis again at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. But in 2012, I saw something on social media that really resonated and I knew: ‘Okay, I want this! I have to be there’. It was a kind of deep knowing, an inner cry from within. 


It was Mavis' Mentorship Programme in the UK which she had started in 2012. I immediately got on the waiting list and sure enough, in February 2014, I got on a plane and went for the first time to The Banyan Retreat in Ashford, Kent. My very first mentorship programme under the wings of Mavis Pittilla. 


I was over the moon! Truly a dream that became reality. The great thing about a mentorship programme is that you don't only follow a training weekend or week once. No, it is a trajectory of several intensive days spread over a longer period (1.5 years in Mavis’ case).  


I still remember Mavis telling us how much she enjoyed training and guiding us over a longer period of time. It meant that she could really see the growth and progress in comparison to teaching at Arthur Findlay College, for example. There it is really magical but students are only there for a week or weekend, and then it’s over and you go home again. 


So Mavis clearly enjoyed her mentorship programme and so did we. She called us her: 'Mavis Babies' and that felt wonderful! Together with her partner Jean and fellow international students, we experienced the most beautiful and life-changing training days. 

It was gruelling flying back and forth, with a family of 3 young children in the Netherlands and long days training in the UK. But … if the Soul knows …  the Soul knows… So I just had to be here and everything had to make way for that. And oh my, how happy and grateful I am that I persevered. 

After the 1st mentorship programme in Kent ended I was able to go on to the Advanced Mentorship programme in Manchester. That was really next level. I felt like a beginner again among the professional mediums who were already in the theatre with their own shows, or who already had their own radio programme or spiritualist church.


Off, why did I find myself there? But I'm so glad I went all the way and eventually fully completed the Advanced mentorship under the loving, and above all driven, wise wings of Mavis. She was there for me in those deep, difficult moments of mega transformation … so much happened at this time: Kundalini awakening, a divorce situation, issues with the kids, so many difficult moments. Yet she helped pull me up from the deep valleys … really fantastic, I can't say anything else. 


One of the most important insightful lessons and words she gave me personally were: 'Lisette, you have a very analytical mind. Don't criticise yourself'.


And yes, that was of course a bull's eye. Because of course I never considered myself good enough next to all those talented mediums from all over the world. But gradually I got closer and closer to myself, my Soul Self. And, well, amongst the results of that, this podcast is one thing that was brought to life. For I finally dared to fully embrace and propagate mediumship and everything that comes with it. But in my own way of course which feels so good. 


I feel blessed, yes I also feel very sad now but I feel deeply blessed that I have been able to spend so much time with Mavis, embracing her wisdom and love for Spirit. And I know, her own mentor, Gordon Higginson, missed them so deeply after he transitioned into the Spirit world in 1992. I'm sure it's a warm and welcome homecoming for Mavis. 

I and her many students worldwide will miss her deeply in the earthly world. But her legacy continues and Mavis will certainly continue her work from Spirit. I hope she takes a rest in Spirit but knowing her …  haha … 


I have also received heartwarming messages of compassion from my own students. They tell me they also knew Mavis a little through the stories I have shared in my own 3-year mentorship programme: The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy. Through the stories, lessons and insights Mavis passed to me and I continued sharing, Mavis meant a lot to these students too. And I find that deeply moving and intensely dear to hear. 


And I also remember well in Podcast #41. Mediums vs. Psychics I shared a video of Mavis in the shownotes (I’ll put it in the shownotes for this episode too). 

Years ago, during a certificate ceremony in 2015, Mavis told me, through her own mentor Gordon from Spirit: “…Gordon needs people on platforms so that they can spread the word. How can you spread the word on a platform that is larger than you can imagine?”


In other words: Gordon needs people on stage so that they can spread the message of mediumship, Spirit and Spiritualism. How are you going to propagate it on a stage bigger than you can imagine? 


So I got this question halfway through 2015 at the end of my 1st mentorship programme with Mavis. Now, many years later I can say in 2022: Partly in this way, through my podcast. And of course through my own mentorship programme and intensive transformation process! So that you too can become a medium and carry the voice of Spirit. 


There is nothing more beautiful than serving Spirit, they need our help so badly. 


So …  Do you feel called, do you feel inspired? Do you feel curious? Do you feel a desire to do more? Do you feel an unexplained pull? 


My advice from my own experience: Listen to that! No matter how crazy or difficult it may seem given the current circumstances …  there is always a way. As Mavis would say, 'The Architect's Plan of The Soul' shows the destined path of your soul, trust your blueprint. You receive insights into this blueprint through hunches, feelings, coincidences and, for example, through that inexplicable pull … that attraction from a deep soul level.


I am infinitely grateful to myself for following that pull. Mavis has had an absolutely life-changing impact on me personally and my entire psychic, mediumistic and spiritual development. I had to be with her, it was a knowing. 

So my advice: Also follow your pull, you know deep down who you should be with. Find a mentor you resonate with who makes you feel: Yes, that's the place for me! That mentor is going to help me on my path of unfolding my infinite potential. As soon as you take action, the rest will fall into place. That's how it went with me too. 

But just take that step! Listen to your inner knowing and especially not to people who have nothing to do with this …  with all due respect, but that won't help you one step further and neither will Spirit. I also ignored all those looks and opinions and followed my own plan and set out a path. Delicious if I do say so myself haha! 


Do you want to know more about my mentorship programme? The new groups will start soon. In the show notes at: I will share the details. And if you want to learn more send me a DM via Instagram or Facebook with the word: MENTORSHIP or simply email me at: Then we can arrange a Soul Connection Call to see what the next best step is for you. And yes, then I also look at the 'movement of your auric field', as Mavis did with me, which will provide wonderful insights that you can take forward immediately. 


I would like to speak and see you soon. 

I send all my thanks and love to Mavis and Jean and of course also Gordon who always assists me from the sidelines from Spirit. I have seen Mavis and Gordon are back together, and am so grateful …  I’m sure where we let our sorrows run wild in the earthly realm, the spiritual realm is enlightened by Mavis’s coming home. 


And I would like to conclude with Mavis's motto: 'Love, like life, can never die'


Love You Dear Mavis! 


And to you, thank you for listening and a big hug from me.


Love Lisette

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Podcast 134. The Life-Changing Impact Of A Mentor

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