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27th july 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 130. Your Frequency & Energy, How To Shift Your Vibe Directly & Manifest + Powerful Energy Shift Exercise 


Do you find yourself stuck in certain old thought patterns and heaviness? 


  • Discover in this podcast how you can shift this instantly


  • In this episode I share a simple exercise that allows you to experience the power of your energy and frequency immediately


  • So that you know how you can tackle and shift from now on to be able to transform


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #130!


As you know by now if you listen to my podcast frequently: Everything is energy. 

You are energy, your thoughts are energy and your emotions are energy.


That energy gives off a certain frequency which is measurable. Everyone has a certain vibe and vibration.


And I always find the best and most recognisable example of this is when you walk into a certain space, a room where, for example, there has just been an argument. 


Think of a time when you walked into a room where you know an argument has just taken place. Or maybe you didn't even know but you did feel something. Now just remember how that room felt. Can you feel what you noticed? Most people won't really be able to put their finger on it, but they’ll say: ‘Whew, this space feels gloomy or cold.’ 



Because you’re picking up on the frequency and energy residue still in the room. There’s a kind of residual energy left from the heavy energy of the quarrel, like a kind of smoke cloud.


To learn more about emotions and the corresponding frequency levels you can download my HF Bliss Manifestation Chart© for free. (The link is in the shownotes for episode #109). It’s really useful to download this PDF from:, print it and stick it on your fridge or at least somewhere you will see it several times a day. 

Why? Because the pictures you create in your head and the words you say to yourself, always have an effect on your physical body and your energy and frequency. So make sure you have the HF Bliss Manifestation Chart© clearly in your mind. As an instant, immediate 112 call for help.


But now join me, with a simple exercise to experience how fast what you hold in your mind has an effect. 


Please don’t do this if you are driving a vehicle or working with heavy machinery, but feel free to listen and do the exercise later. Do make time for it later though, because it is very powerful to really experience it yourself and to feel what it does to you. 


To begin, sit quietly and become aware of your body. Feel your body, become aware of your emotions, of how you feel in this moment. 

We're going to measure something now using a scale of 0-10. With 0 meaning you feel very bad and 10 feeling phenomenally good. 

Where are you on a scale of 0-10 now?

Hold that for now but do remember that number. 


You don't have to give the number any meaning, it’s simply to recognise and acknowledge where you are right now. 


Very good. 


You can do the exercise with your eyes open or closed, whatever feels right to you. But now think of a super good memory. Picture it, look at your wonderful, beautiful, pleasant memory. Just picture the first thing that comes to mind. It doesn't matter what it is, whatever comes to mind first is ok. But see it for yourself. Look at your really lovely, beautiful memory. Perhaps you see it as a picture, photo or film. Feel it, experience it, hear it, smell it, experience it as if it were happening right now. Very good, now take that nice feeling, make it bigger, more beautiful, with more colours, more positive emotions and sensations. 


Very nice. And now come back to the here and now.

Notice how you feel compared to before you pictured this memory.

What number would you give yourself right now? Again from 0 to 10, with 0 being terrible and 10 being fantastic. Don't think about it, go with your first feeling and hunch.


Interesting to observe don't you think? Notice has it gone up or stayed the same? 

Purely by shifting your thoughts and the words and pictures in your mind, you have immediately changed your current emotions, your physical state of mind and therefore your energy and frequency. 


Great, so now we're going to do it again. But now we’re going to drop to the other end of the scale - we're going to lower our frequency. We just shifted your frequency up, now we're going to lower it. Before we start I just want to say: do join for this because it’s important to experience that shift and that difference. Right, now think of something that made you very sad. A memory, something from your past that might make you feel angry, alone, lonely, or something you feel bad about. Feel how you felt, and most importantly, what does it do to your body? Do you feel smaller, do your shoulders hunch forward? Do you feel heavier, do things get darker? Now, make these feelings bigger for the exercise. I understand it may not be fun but it is very important to experience the difference. So let that sad feeling come out, allow it to. Just step into that heaviness, that negative vibe, that sadness or those emotions. It's okay to feel and acknowledge it. What do you feel, what do you hear, what do you smell, what do you see? 

And above all, experience what happens to your body and energy.


Very good and now come back to the here and now. On a scale of 0-10, what number do you give yourself in this energy and frequency? What did this memory bring up? 


Hmmm … have you sunk a bit? Interesting don't you think? If you did this really well, then you will notice that it has now dropped, from that last exercise. But with the first visualisation your frequency increased. Only from visualising pictures and videos in your head, with a few thoughts and words your energy and frequency immediately shifted.  It’s amazing to feel isn’t it? 


But now I can add some good news! By doing this exercise you can now see that you can immediately experience a frequency shift! 


So keep in mind that if this simple exercise shifts things so fast, then you can always shift your energy and frequency just as fast!


In each moment with the power of the thoughts, words and pictures you show yourself, you can shift your energy and frequency instantly! 


To see your frequency, just watch your body language. 

Think of what depression or melancholy feels like. What does sadness feel like to you? Go and feel what it feels like by sitting in a melancholy, depressed attitude. Now notice how your body takes up space: how are your head and shoulders - hunched forward or held back? Are you leaning forward or standing or sitting up straight?

Most people who step into that melancholy, depressed attitude find their shoulders slumped forwards, their head hangs low and overall they make themselves smaller.  


Everyone knows these emotions, we've all experienced them. But not everyone realises that you can shift them instantaneously by directing your focus. So if you're still in that heavy energy, and feel yourself all hunched over, return to your happy memory. Or even better, think of something in your life that you are deeply grateful for right now. 


Feel that energy pulse through your body. You don’t have to think of something huge here, you can be grateful for the fact that you open your eyes in the morning, that you can feel your heart beating, that you can breathe. When we think of gratitude we usually think of big things, but it can also be something very simple. Although, if you don't see the beating of your heart as something big, we should make a podcast about that. Haha, because how could you not feel immensely grateful that your heart is so faithful to you? So feel this gratitude pulsing through your body. Move your body, shake all heavy emotions and energy out of your system. You can let it go because it’s not you! This heaviness is purely a pattern of holding onto the old stories of the past. You can now choose how you want to feel right now. Don't believe me? Then if you can after this podcast put on your favourite song, wherever you are. Dance, move, jump, hop, (no matter if anyone sees you), laugh, act as crazy as you can and be thankful again …  and then try, while you dance and jump and hop, to feel that heavy vibe again .


What do you have to do to feel that again? 

Do you drop your shoulders, let your head hang and fill your head with thoughts that bring that energy to the fore? 

And do you now feel that pain again? If so, then now go back to the energy and frequency of gratitude, love, joy, fun, good memories - all those precious moments.


Super! Now you are feeling and experiencing the power of mastering your own energy and frequency!


On a scale of 0-10? How do you feel now? (The 1st thing that comes to mind.)


What do you think would help shift the number higher? 

What habit can you start adding to your life to stay in that high vibe?

To break those old habits of the stories of the past for good?


Tony Robbins calls it your peak state or your beautiful state.

In other words, you strive to live as much as possible in a beautiful frequency and energy. Because from that high-frequency energy you can manifest and attract anything you want! That is why I am also a high-frequency business coach and success medium. I teach you from those disciplines how to use the energy in your life and business in the most successful way. 


But what if you’re struggling to break old patterns? Are stuck in stories of the past because repeating them over and over has become a habit now? Or feel these stories are hardwired into your system? Then I can help you break through this for good on a subconscious level as an intuitive transformation hypnotherapist. Targeting the root of the issue at the subconscious level is super powerful and allows you to shift much more easily.  

And summarised very simply: the exercise I took you through, made you feel and experience, is in a nutshell the difference between being happy or not, successful or not. 


Everything falls and stands with your energy and frequency.


So are you ready to master it too? 

I have developed a wonderful trajectory & system to show you how: The EnergyJoy Transition System©. This programme helps teach you the 1st steps in working with energy to deploy it at a high-frequency business level. So that you can learn to live it, embrace it and propagate it as a message and soul mission.


Do you want to know what you need to learn to shift and then how to master your energy? Send me a DM or just an email to: with the word: ENERGY! Then we can see together what the next best step is for you!


Now before this podcast ends, promise me you’ll turn the music up loud, or go for a nice walk or just do a little happy dance in the space you’re in right now. Whatever will give you that arms in the air, happy and victorious feeling! I know it will immediately shift your vibe and you’ll be unable to suppress that smile from EnergyJoy! 


Remember: Together we can take the frequency of the world to the next level. Your help is needed so, so much! I always say coincidence does not exist, so this is either for you or for the person you are thinking about right now. 

Is it for you? Embrace the energy of this momentum now and take immediate action. 

And is this for someone you were thinking of? Then forward this podcast on to them. In this way we can help each other tremendously. 


Your help is desperately needed!

And in the show notes at:  I will put the link to the Manifestation Bliss chart from podcast #109. 


Thanks for listening!

Monitor your thoughts and pictures in your head, do they feel heavy? 

Then move your body and shift the image and your vibe to gratitude and to the frequency of EnergyJoy!


Good luck and love from me

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 130. Your Frequency & Energy

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