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15th june 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 124. Your Real Power: SoulPower. How Your Inner Knowing Gives You The Power To Overcome And Manifest Everything + Special Energy Reading With A Message For You


Are you stuck in your thoughts, spiralling in old self-sabotage patterns and not really making progress in your life?


  • In this podcast discover the strength of your intuitive SoulPower through this spontaneous reading!


  • When you can fully embrace this power … 


  • … you can create your ultimate life from your deepest passion and powerful inner knowing!

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Welcome to Podcast #124!


Today I used a tarot card deck for this podcast.


I shook the cards in my hands and asked the question 3 times in my mind: 

‘Which card can the podcast be about today?’

‘Which card can the podcast be about today?’ 

‘Which card can the podcast be about today?’


A card pops up and it's:




Number 8: The power card. A beautiful card if I do say so myself. With the image of a beautiful, pure, calm woman with an infinity symbol above her head. She’s there stroking and taming the loving and patient lion. (I will also post the card in the show notes by the way, so you can see this yourself.)


The background colour of this card is a brilliant yellow as if the sun is shining brightly. As the lion and the woman stand in the green grass with mountains in the background.


For myself I immediately know what this card means. And with a smile of gratitude on my face I look more closely at the details. 


Of course, this card also has a special message and meaning for you. Are you ready for it? Here comes your message:


First, I want to indicate to you to trust more in the power of your inner knowing.


It is so strong but sometimes the challenges of life make it fade into the background and you start living more on autopilot and old 'survival' programming.


Such a shame because you have so much to offer. So much love and passion to give. You are a beautiful, pure person with the infinite wisdom pulsing through you. (Provided you allow and notice of course … )


You can achieve anything you want from your pure, beautiful soul and being. But sometimes you get caught up in stories of the past and struggle with old griefs. Grief can overshadow and thwart your plans and ideas, which is such a shame! 


Let the power come from within. Not from the power of your mental thinking, your analytical mind and your willpower. For this mental power has a limit that runs out, so if you rely on it and reach its maximum capacity, you run out of power. 


No, what I mean is: Let that power come from that infinite SoulPower. That power of your soul, that part of you that has always existed and always will be. From that power you can make everything fertile and let it be born. That power is the breeding ground for everything that is allowed to arise, grow and unfold naturally.


Back to the image on the tarot card again: the colour of the lion on this card is orange. And I am very much pulled towards passion. Not only loving passion but also creative passion, spiritual development, growth and transformation.

Ingredients that are so valuable to you, especially now to help you transform the old, stuck part and move through successfully. 


The lion's mane is very curly and feels like contemplation, tossing, and fretting. As if you are resisting what you already know is best for you. 


So a red flag to notice with this: watch out for old self-sabotage patterns. You can recognise this by the step-stop dynamics as I call it.


For example, with an idea, plan, project or person, you feel a powerful ‘YES!’ in the first instance! You want to go for it feeling enthusiastic, driven, passionate, loving … 

But then you start thinking about it, going over your initial reaction again, and then that 'Yes' changes into a questionable 'yes … but', 'what if …’  'imagine that …’



Well, that's what comes out of the mane in this case. 

This is an old self-sabotage pattern that stagnates you. You can get out of here! Comb those knots out of the mane, and let them dance to the flow of energy that may come to you naturally.


Trust the greater intelligence, because sometimes (or actually usually), we can’t see the bigger picture, we can only take the 1st step. (And that can often be a challenge …) 


Know that you are so loved, that you are safe and that your loved ones, helpers and guides in spirit are there for you. You really only have to do 1 thing! You just need to ask for help and the insights will come to you! Yes, you have free will so ask for help. Very important!


Enjoy the small things. See the beauty of nature and embrace the process of unfolding your soul journey, your soul mission, your architect plan of the soul. 


There is so much ahead of you. You just need to embrace the strength and confidence so that you can move forward in your life in love, security and passion! 


Trust the infinite intelligence. Sometimes we don't understand our current circumstances, sometimes we are even angry about them. (Believe me, I know all about that.) But trust and later you can look back and you will see what the wealth and value has been in that moment.


Let it grow, let it bloom, let it unfold.


Your inner strength, your SoulPower is always ready and will always be there for you.


You just have to allow it. So you can live, laugh and shine like never before!


And this is all I brought out from the Strength card. That card with the beautiful woman and lion. 


The cards under the power card were all beautiful Wands: the knight, the queen and the king.

Combined they encourage you to powerfully follow your passion, your heart, your desires. Take vigorous action toward your dreams and desires. Use your passion, that which really sets your heart on fire, as your compass.

Then set it in motion by working on yourself. 


The wheel of fortune follows, symbolising taking the necessary steps to set everything in motion, new beginnings and the world.


These are super positive cards that support everything I've said before. But most importantly, get moving! Take Action, follow your passion, heart and soul. And sometimes you don't even understand it but just follow it. And the world will be at your feet in the most beautiful way, completely in tune with who you really are!


At the base, at the very bottom of the deck, the core of the reading is the Empress:

the ultimate form of powerful feminine energy, standing for fertility. The fertility of pregnancy or the birth of new ideas and plans. This is your moment! You’ll reap what you sow, meaning your time is now!


Step into your SoulPower, and you will powerfully see your dreams and wishes become reality! You're going to manifest it - really!


And? How did you like this? Did it resonate? 


This being a short and sweet reading for you, my advice is to take from it what felt good and what has stayed with you right now. Then get started with this. 


And do you also want to learn to read energy?

Do you also want to strengthen your intuition?

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Do you want to enrich or start your own empathic business with super powerful energetic tools and techniques? 


Feeling a strong 'Yes!’?

Great because I have the Master your Intuition programme especially for beginners, which teaches you to master your energy and intuition. 

I also have a programme for those who are more experienced: Master Your Inner-Medium Academy, for aspiring and established professionals.

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Thank you for listening!

I hope to see or meet you soon.

Remember: The world needs your wisdom, love, passion and strength!

So take that step to a new beginning!


Big hug and love from me 

x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 124. SoulPower

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