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1st june 2022


Lisette Lucas


How To Discover, Activate And Accelerate Your Mission In 3 Steps + Bonus Exercise For Help & Insights In A Very Special Way 


Do you feel that you are destined for so much more? Yet still there is 'something' that makes you not dare to take the steps … 


  • In this podcast you will discover why.


  • Plus, I’ll share an exercise that will give you help and insights in a very special way.


  • So that after this podcast you will know how to take powerful action. 


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Welcome to Podcast #122!


It’s great that you're here! Let's get straight to the point. 

The only reason you are still searching and not fully living your soul mission is …  are you ready to hear it?! 


It is: Fear!


Yes, you heard right. Fear! 

And in fact, to expand on this: What’s really stopping you from taking those steps in full?  

(Steps you already know deep down inside are necessary for true happiness and satisfaction.)


Well? What do you think? Beyond that fear? What's holding you back?


Yes, here it comes: fear of pain!!


Somewhere in your subconscious, the fear of pain is currently stronger and more dominant, than the need to truly live your soul mission - to follow your heart and soul; to contribute to the world based on your own life experience and expertise. The desire is there, but there is something that sabotages you, holds you back, makes you doubt, causes you to stagnate and instils fear in you. 


Perhaps you recognise this? You see or hear something that seems great to you! 

You will immediately know that something is for you because it gives you the: 'This is really what I was looking for!' feeling. You’ll feel a huge ‘Yes!’ at first and an urge to go for it. However … and if you listen to my podcast more, you’ll remember me speaking of the inner voice that pops up and says: 


‘Yeah, but …’ 

‘Who do you think you are …?’ 

‘Yes, but you can’t do that …’


And then, what happens then? 

Very simple:

Then you do nothing. You leave everything as it is and in a year's time you wonder why you don't really feel happiness deep inside, when you seem to have everything?


Well, with this one (and I hope it's clear): that voice is entirely your fear programming! Your ancient survival fear programming. 


This fear keeps you from taking strong steps because the programming believes it must keep you safe for survival.

So fear keeps you small.

Fear stagnates you.

Fear blocks you.

Fear sabotages you.

Fear causes procrastination and makes you take 2 steps back instead of 1 step forward!


As long as you allow that, allow that fear … 

Honestly?! Harsh but true: Nothing will change! 


But on the other hand …  when you acknowledge this, recognise this and powerfully feel: ‘Enough is enough! I am done with it! Weeks, months, years have flown by. I really have to do something now because otherwise …  otherwise it will be too late!’ 



Otherwise it will be too late and you will look back on your life at an old age from your rocking chair. And then you’ll think … ‘Where did it go wrong?! Why didn't I take my chance when it was right in front of me …’ In other words: NOW!


As a success medium I can tell you: I make a lot of contacts with the spiritual world. And through this, I get countless people (and especially deceased ladies), sharing the message that they regret not having been given more opportunities in life. That they couldn't do what they really wanted to do. 

Yes, the previous generations indeed had fewer opportunities. Simply because the woman had to be at home most of the time and take care of the family. 


So it’s very special that I often experience them encourage their loved one, who is sitting in front of me, in my practice or online via Zoom: ‘Come on, take your chances, take those steps and go for it’. Because what is so sad: I often feel with spirit, in other words with deceased loved ones coming through, there’s so much potential and talent that was not allowed to come out in life. Including yes, the deep sadness that often lies underneath. Really very sad. Just because it was 'not done' in their lives, wasn't possible or because they just didn't take the opportunity … So this is the reason they come to cheer you on. Purely because they know from their own life experience, it is such a shame not to seize the opportunities!


And that's where this exercise arose. 

So I want to take you into a special exercise and moment.

And if you can, grab a pen and paper to immediately write down the powerful life-changing insights you’ll get.

Yes, are you ready? Make sure you can't be disturbed. 

(If you are driving a vehicle, you can listen but participate in the exercise at a later time.) 


If you can participate but have no pen and paper to write down the insights directly, then trust the thoughts that flood in right after you’ve asked the questions. The faster the response, the purer the insights. Simply because they come in from an energetic, intuitive level and so your thinking mind doesn't get a chance to interfere. And the mind always likes to intervene - remember, especially with fear. 


So now I'm going to take you through the exercise and all you have to do is sit quietly, with pen and paper to hand. 

Now just breathe in and out slowly. And consciously feel your body and feet on the ground. Completely in the here and now. Smile and relax. Breathe in and out deeply again. And blow away everything that no longer serves you, fears, tension, blow them away, let them go and watch everything float away, all of that does not belong to you …  That is old programming, let it go.

Very good. 

Okay, imagine if a loved one of yours could reach out and whisper something to you. A person who has passed away, but who wants the best for you, wants nothing else but for you to be happy and get the best out of life. Your loved one, in the spiritual world, wants you to stop wasting time and choose, choose your own happiness now. 


What would this person, the precious one you're thinking about, say to you right now?


Just feel, let them come closer with that beautiful unconditional love they feel for you. From the highest level of Divine light, goodness and love. From the most loving pure intentions. Subtle, tender, soft and loving


Hear, listen, feel:

Perhaps you receive something like: ‘My dear, please go and follow your heart and soul because …’ and finish that sentence without thinking. If necessary, write it down while you pause the podcast.


Very good.


And now this: 

‘I am so close to you, I see and feel your longing, your sadness, your beautiful and difficult moments and I want you to take steps. Do it for yourself. I see all your talents, your wonderful potential. Please stop wasting time. Believe me, I know all about it.

You are so worth it, you are so loved. Beyond all possible limits.



Then listen for your loved one say something like: ‘I want you now to …’ (Finish and trust, let the information and opinion flow, write …)


Very nice.


And then let your loved one know: When you're done listening, you want to take steps immediately. Take an action step. Take action beyond that fear that no longer serves you.


Then listen for their response again. Just feel what you receive, get through, what comes to you:

‘The powerful action step that you can take right away is …’ (Write down without thinking. Just let the answer flow. Very good.)



Finally there is 1 old pattern that you can let go of and break.


So listen and feel again what advice you receive beyond the earthly boundaries.


Such as: ‘Dear darling, beautiful soul, you can actually let go, accept and free yourself. What you can let go and transform is …’ (Finish it. Write it down and trust.)




Very good. And now thank your loved ones, thank spirit, thank your soul, your higher self for this special moment.


And you know what? You can immediately agree to do this more often. Let them help you move past that fear.


That is a choice you can make right now. And did you get very few or no answers? That's totally okay too. Then for now, just open your mind to this possibility and go practice it. Anyone can do this, you are intuitive too, because you are spirit yourself just in a physical body. That's the only difference. 


But in summary: You are only 1 choice away from living your ultimate soul mission and potential!


So take a deep breath. Put that smile on your face. Feel your feet on the floor and how you sit on the chair or where you sit. Ground yourself nicely. 


Because it is that simple!


So now the choice is yours.

Are you struggling to do it for yourself? Then do it for your loved ones who are so proud and loving and want you to get the most out of life.

Trust me, they know that life isn't always easy and that you know it better than anyone.


But they also know that you can draw strength from those life lessons and experiences. Those are the purest sources of power to genuinely help, support and guide others - from your own life story and journey.


That is where your ultimate soul mission lies. Really, so very close to you. 

So now the three steps that will immediately shift and accelerate you to unfold your soul mission from your pure, authentic power:


Step 1. Choose

Feel: ‘Enough is enough! My time is now. I’m done with those old stories! I'm going to get out everything I can. For myself, my loved ones and for the world!’



Step 2. Break through

Break through old fear programming that often isn't even yours! You can do this easily and quickly from a subconscious level. This step is essential! Because otherwise that fear will get in the way. Once this is removed you can continue. 



Step 3. Embrace

Freed from old pieces you can finally embrace yourself, your pure soulful self. From love for yourself you can start to propagate it from that energy and infinite power. Exactly as you are destined to do!



When you apply and integrate this you are, as I call it: On Fire! It sets your spirit and soul on fire! A phenomenal force that is tangible and magnetic to anyone who is open to it.


So now the time has come.


I can guide you in every step of your process based on my own life story and journey.

I have developed proven systems, programmes and trajectories, so that you can move from making the very first step, of choosing, to the 1st steps of awakening and propagating your ultimate soul mission. With which you not only make a huge impact on the world, but you can also create a wonderful business, income and legacy for yourself and your loved ones. 

From a place of love and freedom and in your full strength!


How beautiful is that?!


Will you heed the advice of your loved ones and the cry of your soul that finally brought you here to this podcast at this moment?


Then make a no-obligation Soul connection call or send me a DM via Instagram. 


And then we can immediately take action and take steps!! Get rid of that fear and I would say: Go for it!


Big hug from me and your loved ones in spirit!


Feel their loving smile, support and encouragement! They love you so much! Good luck! 

Love, Lisette x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 122. Your Life Mission

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