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25th may 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 121. Energetic Entrepreneurship, How To Build Your Business To Be Magnetically Successful And In Full Alignment And Free Yourself From Self-Sabotage + Discover The Energetic Entrepreneurship Accelerator


Are you looking to start something for yourself but don’t know how or what exactly … ? 


  • In this podcast discover the power of energetic entrepreneurship.


  • To help yourself break old sabotage patterns.


  • So in full soul alignment you can make a flying start and turn your endeavours into magnets for success! 


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Welcome to Podcast #121!


This podcast is for you if you are already an entrepreneur or want to start your own business.


Because if you apply (or are going to apply) these principles in your own business, then you will automatically shift to the next level of Impact, Income, Abundance & EnergyJoy.


I have been in business from a young age. That freedom, that space to plan your own agenda - I love it!


But at some point I started to discover a recurring pattern.

And this pattern was: I had moments of ultimate success and when I had those I lost interest in what I was doing and wanted to do something different.


Entrepreneurially I had the 2 extremes of: 'Success' and 'Wanting to do something else'. Which also had a huge impact on myself and my life.


As an empathetic woman and ambitious entrepreneur, I became curious about what was actually happening. 


When I was in the middle of it and busy with my business, to be honest, I had no idea what was really going on in the deeper layers of myself.


I started each business because I felt an attraction, a pull towards something. I found it fun and interesting and it triggered a passion in me, which meant I felt a longing for more. 


The energy that was behind all these ingredients of feelings and emotions, caused me to take action and take the plunge. And yes, it kept pushing me forward until I was successful. 

And then? 

When I reached that moment something kept happening …  something I couldn't put my finger on. 


I remember years ago someone close to me told me: ‘Lisette, everything you do turns to gold. You are super good at what you do. But one thing is a pity, you don't persevere at the peak’.


I remember well that I was shocked and that this comment touched me. But when I honestly looked at this well-meaning feedback, I thought: ‘He's right.’


Every time I was at the peak, at that moment I could really break through, something always happened there. 


It wasn't until years later that I understood what it was: it was my system of self-sabotage. 


I was simply sabotaging myself out of ultimate success and abundance. Yeah, I don't believe it when I say it either. But I spent years doing it.  

I unconsciously caused myself to lose interest in my business. As a result, my energy withdrew, the focus was gone and yes, at the same time the business … disappeared.


And after that? Then I just started something new full of energy, passion and focus, which I started to build from the ground up. I’d make it successful and then at the moment I reached success (yes, indeed you can feel it coming), I’d repel it energetically once I’d reached the peak I’d worked so hard for. 


I still remember when the moment of insight came. It happened during a transformation session under hypnosis. During a self-regression hypnosis, which I could do from home, I ended up back in time, with the financial challenges I experienced in the past. (I also talk more about this in previous podcasts.)


But in short: I come from a very wealthy family and grew up in luxury and wealth. Everything was available on a financial and material level. 

But what was my experience and feeling from that period? I saw and felt the jealousy towards my family, towards the house in which I lived, towards myself, towards relatives amongst themselves. And I thought that was terrible. At times I almost felt guilty that we were rich. I also felt bad that, according to outsiders, I couldn't do anything myself. Because as a rich man's daughter, I only had to ask Daddy and then I got it. So the prejudices swirled round.


Until the life-changing moment came when I was 20 when we lost everything due to the economic crisis. I remember next to the intense sadness and underlying fear, there was also a part of me that thought: ‘Now I can finally prove that I can do something myself, without the help of Daddy and his money.’ 


And so I did. I started my business and then came that moment of success followed by …  stagnation. That moment of loss of attention, focus and the literal flow of attention and energy from me, my desire and therefore also my business.


And during that self-hypnosis session I discovered my sabotage pattern!

What was that?

I associated making money, making a lot of money, being rich with: pain. And if you understand the rules of the mind: pain and the fear of pain, is the biggest reason to procrastinate. In order to not do something or to stay away from it. It’s part of our primal survival principles and very logical to do in order to survive. 


So, literally unconsciously, on a subconscious level, I made sure I stayed away from pain and off I went: the self-sabotage pattern was activated and my business would disappear. 


‘Wow’ …  I thought when I discovered it! I literally took care, on a subconscious level, to kill the life energy of my company, through my own energy and frequency.


I literally pulled the energetic plug without understanding why. 


And yes, I always say: Insight is Power!

And this insight has changed everything, absolutely everything for me and my business!


From that moment on I started to embrace energetic entrepreneurship.


And what do I mean by that?


Very simple: Where Focus goes – Energy Flows.

In other words: Where you direct your attention, that's where the energy flows.


So if your attention and focus is completely on your business. What will happen automatically then?

Right! Then your business will prosper. (Provided: You are not running a subconscious sabotage programme.)


‘But how do you find out?’, I hear you thinking now.

Now I can say, very simply, just ask yourself:

If you are working on your business, or planning for your business, is it easy or difficult for you to keep your focus on what you need to do to make your business successful?



What is your answer?

Do you think about your shopping list during important business moments? 

Or having to do the laundry and what you will wear tomorrow?


Seemingly unimportant things. But this is brought up from the part that wants to keep you away from your job, from your business. For there lies an old pain trigger somewhere in the deep subconscious layers. Yes, as I say: On a subconscious level. 


Or do you want to start your own business but something keeps coming up that makes you postpone it? ‘Oh well it will come tomorrow, or next week, or later …’ Well, now you know why! Procrastination is sabotage, self-sabotage.


Bizarre right?! But that's how it really works from the intelligence of your mind!

Once you understand this, can tackle and transform it, everything will change and shift. In the most positive sense of the word! 


As a result: Procrastination, self-sabotage is a thing of the past. Instead you’ll take powerful action with ease toward your ultimate desires. You’ll be full of energy and you are on fire! Standing in your full strength and embracing your full potential. 

You fully support your business and are the captain of your ship. You have the helm in your hands, instead of being left out of control on the quayside as your ship perishes in your subconscious current. 


So what happens when you have broken through those old pieces on a subconscious level? 

Then you will have a laser-sharp focus on the ‘needle movers’, the most important profitable activities of your company. As a result: your energy and the energy of your business are magnetic!


And why is that? 


  • If you really turn your deepest desire into a business that allows you to help others. 

  • If you solve a problem for them in a way that suits you. 

  • If you take action from energetic alignment that feels good on a soul level.

  • If you act from a deep intuitive knowing. 


Then you can't help but be successful.


Because if you work energetically as an empathetic person, you do so from your pure, authentic core - from who you really are! Free and liberated from restrictive old pieces. Then you are literally turned on! You’ll attract your ideal clients, situations and circumstances according to the law of attraction because of your energy. Simply because that energy you put down is so powerful, pure and real - it’s literally magnetic. Everyone feels it and everyone around you wants to experience that too!

They won’t be able to miss you! For you stand like a house with a strong foundation and you let your business unfold with the flow of energy and the waves of life. Your business then grows with you. Unfolds in a way you never thought possible. And yes, the most important thing: your business is your child and has your focus, love and attention at all times as it grows - in full alignment with your soul and mission. Growing from that deep desire, which is your absolute driving force and your key to ultimate success, happiness and satisfaction. 


And yes, I have good news: energetic entrepreneurship is available for you!

It's the Fast Lane to the Next Level of Impact, Income and EnergyJoy!


Do you want to learn to do business from energetic alignment?


Then I have very good news. 

Because in addition to my High-End Elite Shift Mastermind for established entrepreneurs, I have developed a new programme for ambitious, empathic entrepreneurs in the making, for whom the Elite Mastermind is just a step too far.


So I want to invite you to this one and say: Welcome to 'The Energetic Entrepreneurship Accelerator.' A trajectory in which together we powerfully lay the foundation for your own soul aligned business.


Are you still looking for your mission?

Not sure what kind of business you want or can start?

Not sure where to start?

Do you want support in starting up your business?

Have you already taken steps but find you are stagnating?

Do you find it exciting and a bit scary but do you still feel that internal soul pull?

Yes?!! Great!

Because then this accelerator is for you!

It literally speeds up your process and puts you in the fast lane towards your own business.


And after the accelerator programme are you fired up? Have you made a flying start and are you super driven and enthusiastic? Then after the Accelerator you can move on to my High-End programme: The Elite Shift Mastermind! 

So that you can go straight to the High-End, High-Value and High-Frequency level of entrepreneurship! The way I do it, which is absolutely super powerful and I highly recommend it!


Can you feel the energy of enthusiasm, passion and love for entrepreneurship flowing as you listen to this?

And do you want to know more about 'The Energetic Entrepreneurship Accelerator'?

Perhaps about the programme, the investment in yourself and the powerful Energetic Shifts and results you can expect? 


Take immediate action now! Action is the most important step you can take!

So make an appointment immediately for a no-obligation Soul connection call via Zoom. 

Or DM me the word: entrepreneurship.


My advice after years of energetic entrepreneurship: Activate your energy and make a flying and magnetic start! 


I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon!

Love and a big high-frequency hug from me

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 121. Energetic Entrepreneurship

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