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21st april 2020


Lisette Lucas:

How can you manifest your potential through pain and sorrow? Plus free manifestation exercise with Lisette 


Welcome to Podcast # 12: 


What will you learn & discover today: 


  • More about the Soul

  • How to feel whether or not something resonates

  • How to discover the voice of your Soul

  • My story from pain to Soul evolution

  • The shocking statement from Oprah which initialised a great shift in my life

  • How to recognize your personal GPS route

  • The KIPASS method with which you manifest your potential

  • Some 'golden' manifestation stories from practice

  • Also I will share my 'golden egg' scoop


And as an extra BONUS I give you my Energy Shift video exercise to manifest 


I have packed a lot about the Soul and manifesting into this podcast and am looking forward to sharing it with you!


In the show notes on you will find all the information and links for this podcast. 


Today more than ever we are confronted with the fragility of physical life. The vulnerability of life on Earth. This feeling is what prompted my creating this podcast.


As a medium I trained at an international level for years to get to know the language of energy. I discuss energy in more depth in podcast #2. It is a scientific fact that energy is never lost: energy can change shape but cannot be destroyed. Which raises the question: what happens when your physical body dies? Also, what happens to the energy of the Soul? The piece that can never be destroyed? I will come back to this later. 


Before I go into this in more depth, I want you to realize that we will never have all the answers. As my mentor, the world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla always says: “We don't have all the answers, we only know one thing for sure: we are all going to die. ” 


So this podcast is about my experience as a medium, and information that I have received and learned from the greatest in this field. Most importantly, you should pick up from this podcast what resonates with you. What you feel deep inside on a Soul level.You may ask what does my Soul level feel like? I always say: that it is an inner response; yes or no. A yes gives an open, expansive feeling, the feeling of space, air, freedom and joy. A no feels: astringent, diminishing, oppressive and heavy. Really it is the same as the intuitive yes or no. Your intuition is the voice of your Soul. So how can you learn whether something resonates? You must feel a response come from deep inside, this is your soul giving confirmation or not. 


Simply put, the Soul is on an infinitely long journey. On every journey your Soul learns a lot. By experiencing good things, but even more so by experiencing painful things: grief, loss, illness, and everything that fits in that category. Your Soul evolves through the lives, the experiences gained, both beautiful and not so beautiful. These form the wisdom that the Soul carries with it. When you learn, experience, live, make mistakes and, for example, do good, the database of your Soul is finally filled with information. It is all stored forever. You take all experiences with you on a Soul level, infinitely. At least, that's how I experience it from my life experience and what information I have absorbed and received beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. 


I strongly believe that before we come here on earth, before we are born as a baby, we may choose as Soul, which life experiences we want to have in life. How we as a Soul want to evolve in life. 


If I ask you: what do you learn more from? Doing things well and always being happy or, on the contrary: making mistakes, experiencing pain and sorrow? What gives you the most life experience? I am curious about what you feel about this, as in my own experience I dare to say that the latter applies to me. 


The first 20 years of my life were beautiful, I was incredibly lucky to have been able to experience such a beautiful, loving and rich childhood. But in my 20th year, this changed irreparably. Due to circumstances that I had no control over my life completely changed. Everything I thought I was, everything I thought formed me disappeared. My life was turned upside down, my dreams and wishes were swept off the table in one fell swoop. Nothing was what it seemed anymore. Nothing was what I had received anymore. At least, that was my experience at the time. As if the world disappeared around me and I ended up in a deep, black hole that I kept falling into indefinitely. 


With no choice I had to experience a world where everything I believed in disappeared. I went down into that black hole. I was forced to discover who I really was, outside of learned beliefs and how the world had been presented to me. 


I sunk deep, very deep, resulting in a burn-out at the age of 21. At the time, I didn't even know it was a burn-out - there was no Google to look it up. My world had collapsed in front of my eyes, everything I believed in, what I stood for, who I was had suddenly gone. I still remember how it felt, how everything flowed out of me leaving me feeling empty. I felt so much confusion, impotence and above all sadness… tears flowed with no end in sight.


During that time my Soul ached and now so many years later I have seen that this was a path my Soul had chosen. Even before I even got here on planet earth. It had to be that way. 


I am sure, if you are listening to this, that you have also been through a lot, that life has also shown you deep troughs, has made you experience pain and sorrow. I know you understand how this feels because you have experienced it too. I can so confidently say this because of a statement I heard on TV when I was somewhere in my early 30’s. A statement that shocked me enormously, but which also gave me so much insight and strength. It showed me that we all have tough experiences, that I'm not the only one having a hard time ...


One day the Oprah Winfrey show was on TV. I was at home with the children and wasn't even watching consciously. At the time when she still had her talk show, long before she made Super Soul Sundays. Oprah said (as I recall) “everyone has been through so much by the age of 30 that he or she has reason enough to commit suicide”. 


Wow, it shocked me. Just like it might for you, right now. We know the phrase, every person has a cross to bear, but gosh, everyone has such immense struggles by 30…. this gave me so much strength and courage to keep going, not to give up. I thought, Lisette, look around you, see how everyone is brave, keeps going, and lives life in spite of the pains in the heart, the Soul pains, the grief, the losses. 


Somehow this gave me great comfort and supported me not to be alone in pain and sorrow. Many, many people are experiencing these feelings right now, just as they have in the past and perhaps in the future. Our world is also in this painful phase right now, but the most special thing is that it is suddenly visible what everyone is going through. The pain, the sadness, the loss, the fear, the impotence, the ignorance. It is so beautiful to see how people join forces to help each other, to connect instead of each for themselves. 


But back to that moment after Oprah's statement. From a Soul perspective I then started looking for who I really am. What is truly important which led me to becoming an entrepreneur because this allowed me to do purely what felt good for me. This path resonated deeply with who I essentially was and am and always will be. In other words, what feels good on an intuitive level, on a Soul level. After all, intuition is the voice of the Soul. And your Soul knows the way, in my view your soul already mapped out your GPS route before you came here on earth. Your ideal path for evolution, for Soul growth. A path that you can walk completely purposefully, with some fixed points and moments of experience on the (often not barrier-free) GPS route. How you then deal with those experiences, thresholds, bumps and obstacles on the route is up to you; that's where the growth is, that's where the learning moments are. Nothing is for nothing, you can take those learning moments with you in your silky soft soul bag, your bag in which everything is stored. This is your Soul essence in action, comprising the palette of characteristics, strengths, talents, experiences you have. Also how you act in life, towards yourself and towards others!


And now from that palette of your Soul essence, I am going to focus in on your strengths and talent aspect. In podcast 11 that is about HSP, high sensitivity, I talk about KIP, (in Dutch chicken = kip), so this is my Dutch pun which stands for Knowledge is Power. In other words, knowledge is strength. Only one thing is essential - because otherwise you have to write KIP with double 'P' (and then it is no longer a chicken)! However, knowledge is only Power when you add two extra ingredients. Without those two special, unique ingredients, KIPP with double 'P' stands for: Knowledge is Passive Power. Because if you were passive nothing happened, you stand still, you don't move. Then you can own all the knowledge of the world, but you manifest nothing further. 


So my 1st extra ingredient is the A, Chicken with a capital letter: A! Knowledge is Power but only if you add Action to it. Then the knowledge is set in motion, with the Action you undertake. You combine the KIP with A. Only when you take action can your knowledge contribute something to the world. Can you put something down. 


However, what you put down is good, but it still misses something. It is missing something unique, because you are unique, there is no one in the world like you! You have a gift, you have an unprecedented talent that resides deep within you and if you add that to the chicken and the action then Soul Searching will be added!

What do you get: freely translated, I love mnemonics: KIPASS or a kippe-derrière haha, then I translate it neatly. To blend the depth and elusiveness of the Soul with the Dutch sober. 


And then your golden egg is created!


Your unique, symbolic, golden egg through which you can offer the world something that no one else can. The combination of Knowledge, Power, Action and Soul Searching is the route, your super highway to your life mission. Choose gold to represent the egg and be the highest colour and frequency to manifest! In my practice I give 1:1 intuitive transformation consultations, both online via Zoom and in my practice in South Holland. 

When I perceive gold in someone's energy field, it is an indicator that their dream will be realised because of the talent, strength or desire they have. The thing they wish to manifest becomes present in the energetic frequency. Then it is in them to make it happen. I have seen it become reality in my practice with many clients after a consultation. An example of this in action is a client of mine who had a desire to have children (something that I normally do not make statements about, due to free will). I pointed out to her that the golden cast was visible and arose around her when expressing this wish, and yes, within a few months she turned out to be pregnant and gave birth to a very healthy baby. 


Another example would be a lady who could no longer see positive life, I saw her 'pilot light' (as I call it) was very low. The spiritual world has helped me in an unparalleled way to pass on these insights while also providing the tools to share them. You see, the potential of this client was enormous and that was also visible, behind the heaviness. The gold was there, there only had to be a shift in order to see it. That was exactly what happened. This client is now very successful in fulfilling her life mission and helping many others do the same. Which is incredibly beautiful and I am so grateful that I could give her that push in the right direction. 


Then there is the client who had to endure so much through life that she was desperate. She had completely lost confidence in herself and in the world because of the hurt caused by others. Her golden hue was something she was surprised to see, but it has given her back so much strength and confidence in herself that she is now a successful entrepreneur, combining her strengths and talents and creating beautiful work. 


This is just a small selection of positive stories showing what the 'golden egg' can do. I dare say that everyone likes to manifest their wishes and dreams. Apply my unique KIPASS technique then everything is possible. If you apply it only partly, you will only partly achieve results and partly continue to float in an unmanifested form. Such a shame. Often there is a lack of the knowledge to actually set it in motion and often there is a lack of perseverance, subconsciously. 


As I mentioned in a previous podcast: you can get far by willpower, but when there are subconscious patterns, with linked emotions sabotaging you, then you come to a stop and keep moving in endless vicious circles. In turn leading to frustration, fatigue and dissatisfaction.


The trick is to shift your energy. Recognize when you are blocking yourself, when you land in old patterns. That is the insight you need to change it all. And when you have broken through that, you can, in alignment with your own inner knowing, your intuition, your Soul, transform into the person you are naturally destined to be.  


We are all people of infinite potential. You do not have one fixed potential as is sometimes mistakenly thought. You have strengths and talents that when combined  give you an enormous treasure chest with which you can and may serve yourself and the world. In your own unique, beautiful and oh so important way. Then when you reach goals, achieve milestones, know that you are not at your destination; no, you carry on, you continue to evolve, so that you can give even more of your potential to humanity and beyond. 


Don't let the pressures of today's society overwhelm you. Do not be concerned with what is socially desirable and expected of you. Don’t let the bumps, thresholds and potholes that you have to defy on your route stop you. Unless you would rather not take action and would rather not grow and evolve. Then I advise you not to engage in this and not to immerse yourself in it. We all have free will, equally good friends both here and in Spirit. 


But the fact that you are listening to this indicates that what I feel and experience, also lives in you. That curiosity, that need to discover, develop, experience and get out what is best for you. Most of all, if it's best for you, it's best for everyone around you. 

Imagine yourself with your KIPASS, your converted form of knowledge and power, with the action you have taken and the soul-level discoveries you have made. Imagine that you can touch, help, support, support and / or heal one person every week. How would that feel? Or better yet, imagine being allowed to do this on a daily basis. How beautiful the world would be if everyone, every day, would be that one person; would help, support and heal. 


I know from my own, say: 'golden egg' experiences that you, yourself, also receive extra help if you live from this pure, authentic and real attitude. After all, whoever does well, meets well doesn’t come from no-where. In the same way you should treat others how you would like to be treated. 


My newest golden egg is the: IM School, the School for Intuition & Mind.


The ‘I’ for Intuition and the ‘M’ for Mind. When you pronounce it, it stands for I am: for you are your mind, you are your Soul. You will learn how to get the very best for yourself from these super intelligent and powerful tools. How you can deal with the threshold, bumps and holes in the road on your GPS route and how you can transform old patterns and outdated beliefs.  


Here you can follow courses and training in the field of Intuitive Development and the reprogramming of your (sub) conscious Mind. You will hear more about this soon. 


Finally, I want to give you a great, powerful energetic tool. I got such a wonderful response today from someone who had applied it that I really wanted to share it with you. The tools can also be found via the interactive HSP cheat-sheet of podcast #11. I call it the Feb Ball for fab results. Feb stands for Future Energy Ball, you project together with me, under video guidance, your happy, happy sensations in your future. The result: You shift your energy so that you manifest it in your future. 


In the show notes on  you will find the link where you can directly request and apply the exercise. 


I wish you the best of luck and wish you your beautiful golden egg! Do you want to discover 1:1 what your strengths and talents are. I like to observe energetically with you, then I will provide you with: custom made and proven tools, so that you can then manifest it yourself. 


Thank you for listening and thank yourself for opening up to look and feel beyond the regular, beaten path, you are so much more than that! Goodluck!

xxx Lisette Lucas

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Pain to Potential

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