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9th march 2022

Lisette Lucas


Podcast 110. The Vortex: The Universal Power Which Will Help You Move Everything In The Direction You Want (Or Don’t Want) To Receive - This Insight Makes The Difference.


Do you want to shift your life to the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond in order to manifest?


  • In this Podcast you discover that you too can plug into the cosmic Source-Drive©


  • The place where you can easily download infinite inspiration and creation


  • If you master this, you can easily shift from the low vibe to the frequency above the Golden Line where everything is possible!


 (The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


And to find all my free tools, meditations and downloads in one place, download my free Lisette Lucas App for iOS/Android. Here you will also find the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy.


Welcome to Podcast #110!


To start, a question: have you listened to podcast #109 and downloaded the HF Bliss Manifestation Chart?


Because today's podcast fits in very nicely with that episode. You can see it as a deepening and even more insight into 'The Golden Line©'. 


What is The Golden Line again?

I developed 'The Golden Line©' based on my many years of practical experience. And it is the line and boundary frequency that makes the difference between manifesting what you do (and do not) want to receive in your life. 


It is the neutral border area between lower frequencies, emotions and sensations and the higher frequencies.


Why is this difference so important?


Very simple: because everything is energy. So the energy and frequency that you send out, you receive back.

This is a cosmic, universal law. And it always works!


So if you haven't already, download the HF Bliss Manifestation Chart, so you know where you are now and when to shift your energy. It definitely gives a lot of insight.


Yesterday I gave an online Zoom session to the EnergyJoy Practitioner students. 

They follow the 3-year Master Your Inner-Medium Trajectory, which allows them to work independently in their own practice, as an EnergyJoy Practitioner or to enrich their existing business, career and mission with powerful energy tools. 


Now, I'm going to tell you something: I'm working on a great new project. And I will lift a corner of the veil. This project includes my very own EnergyJoy Card Deck! So yes, I’m super happy - I get my own physical card set! My own spiritual journey started with cards, for they felt very nice, safe and pleasant to start with. That’s what makes it such a special moment to be developing my own set, in a very special way - but I’ll tell you that later. 


But back to my students who I’m taking along with me during the card deck creation process. One way I do this is by letting them work energetically with, for example, the mood boards that I have designed for the card deck. (Which, by the way, they did a great job with.)

And yesterday we tested three concepts of the card deck together. It is of course a good idea and important to test first. Especially in this case, as it is the EnergyJoy-ers who will work with the finished card deck. So their feedback is very important in the creation process.


So yesterday, as we went through the process of playing with the energy, creation, inspiration and ideas, this comment was made by one of the students:

‘Lisette, how do you come up with all this?’


To which I actually laughed, before saying: ‘I don’t think of it, I download it.’ 

And as I said that I raised my arms straight up into the air and made the download movement of the energy. (Like water pouring over you from a tropical showerhead.)


I'm downloading it from the same source, from the same universal source that everyone can access!


Anyone can do this!


Despite the fact that the students already work a lot with energy, they still looked at me a bit surprised. 

But really, you just need to know how to have access and download from the source. That beautiful, inexhaustible source of inspiration & creation. Our 'Source-Drive', the infinite storage of information that lets you create and put anything you want out there.


That's how I see it, how it feels and is how everything I do comes into being.

I simply download it from the Source-Drive. (Nice word and to be honest that just came to me. From that same incoming flow.)


So yes, again: you can do this too!

We are all made from the same stardust so we can all set that magical flow in motion. So that you here in the earthly realm can do as I do now - manifest physical things and circumstances. And yes, that is really super cool!


From my mediumistic background (the mediumship in which I was trained by the English Spiritualist National Union), we call connecting with those higher dimensions and frequencies: Stepping into the Power.


When your third eye and clairsentient abilities are developed, you can literally see and feel that power spinning over and around you like a spinning vortex of light. A kind of beam of light, like a spotlight on a stage that covers you completely in light, whilst also twisting around like a tornado. Beautiful and super powerful to perceive. Most Abraham Hicks fans probably know the word vortex. But now you know and understand where it energetically comes from.  


So from that power, you let the vortex of energy consciously flow around, over and through you. Then you are one with all that is there. 

Then you can't help but experience the frequencies from above The Golden Line. Then you feel a reverence, gratitude, unconditional love, calmness, joy and pure connection. Then you are literally in that vortex of cosmic light. 

The light that feels like coming home.

The frequency in which worries and fears do not exist.


The frequency in which you can manifest anything you want. Because as I said before: Everything you feel, visualise and experience from this place, if kept up for 6-8 weeks, will begin to manifest in physical form. 


But what if you are in a situation where you attract more of what you don't want to receive? Leaving you feeling: ‘Everything is against me. Nothing is going the way I want it to.’ Well now you know that you have stepped out of the spotlight and thus stepped outside the vortex. 


Many people dip in and out of the vortex. Experience moments of happiness above The Golden Line, but then quickly bounce back to their old familiar frequency home below The Golden Line. (In Podcast #109 I explain all about your frequency house.)


And if you think about it: this does make sense because from our primal programming we are always subconsciously focussed on the threat of danger. There is an underlying reason and thought to always avoid life-threatening fear and threats. 

Just notice: If you are sitting quietly somewhere and suddenly something moves, you look at it. Why? Because that movement could be a bear that might eat you. 

That’s fear programming in action and is its only purpose: to keep you alive. But think now, is that bear actually coming to eat you? Or is it old programming?


So fear is clearly a frequency below the Golden Line.


Now a certain amount of vigilance is important, otherwise you will get hit by a car when you cross the road. But it's not supposed to be on standby 24/7. And unfortunately that is often the case in today's fast-paced society. Overload, burnout, stress: all the result of living too long under The Golden Line and therefore outside that vortex of light. 


I hope the importance of putting yourself in the light is becoming clear. It is not only good for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is also a fantastic and completely natural way to manifest and create what you really desire and want in your life. 

And who wouldn't want that!?


Another wonderful example.

I received a text this morning from a client who had a 1:1 session with me last week. 


We have been working to remove old patterns and beliefs, while also energetically installing an upgrade, in both his subconscious nervous system and mind with which he can manifest what he wishes. 


The client had a specific wish. Due to privacy, I can of course not go into that wish. But he wrote: ‘The bizarre thing is that for years I have not seen that situation come to fruition. Not for years … and now, yesterday it suddenly crossed my path.’  


I completely got goosebumps. By the way, I see goosebumps as a subconscious reaction of my internal Source drive, which is linked to the bigger picture. So I call these goosebumps my ‘energetic yes’. This was confirmation that last week's 1:1 session had placed the client directly above The Golden Line. Which also immediately put him inside the vortex. 


From there, situations, circumstances and wishes can manifest themselves. It literally seems like magic, it seems bizarre, it seems too coincidental. But really, it's just synchronicity. 

In other words: Your high vibe frequency wish will attract similar situations and circumstances. Nothing magical, just a cosmic, universal law based on science.


You attract what you radiate energetically.


And with this I want to make it clear again how important it is to move your frequency house above The Golden Line. You can do it yourself or you can do it with someone else. 


And yes, of course we are all human and go up and down in emotions and frequencies. That's part of life. My mentor Mavis Pittilla used to call it 'Life being Life'. And she also said if something terrible happens, you can think: ‘Why is this happening?’, but 'We don't have all the answers. We only know one thing for sure: We are all gonna die.' 


That fact can put you in a heavy sort of vibe. But it also made me remember that what we can always do is choose - to choose what meaning we give to something. For example, you can choose to use a tool in the deepest moments of grief, fear and sadness that softens the impact on your frequency, so to speak. So that it literally doesn't feel so raw, which instantly shifts your frequency. 

Perhaps you listen to a hypnosis or meditation, regardless of whether it’s specifically aimed at what you are experiencing. Or maybe you take time to think and write down small things for which you can be grateful, despite the pain and sadness. For example, the fact that you can read this, or that you can breathe or that you can feel your heartbeat when you wake up in the morning. Or even (as I just heard) the beautiful sound of birds chirping. All are good ways to immediately shift the energy. As well as feeling the love pulsing through your energy body for the people you love so much. 


Do you need help with this, support, tools and insights? Then I have good news for you. 


I offer my HF Coaching & Mentoring to those who are really ready for huge steps towards shifting. The one who is ready to shift for good under my personal guidance. HF stands for high frequency because as you understand by now, everything is energy. We will work on all levels and through all layers. So an open mind is important because it will change your energy, frequency and therefore your life, career, health, business and mission forever - in the most positive sense of the word. 


You can follow this trajectory under my personal guidance, coaching and mentoring for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. 

But important to know: I only have 3 places available this month. After that it is on request and depending on the available space in my agenda.


Do you want to know whether this trajectory is suitable for you? I'll put the link in the show notes at: Then we can agree together whether this is the right step for you. You can of course also simply send me a message. 


And more great news!

Especially for you and my EnergyJoy Practitioner students, I have created the opportunity for my students to offer consultations and readings. 

My Level 2 & Level 3 students, from the 2nd and 3rd year respectively, are ready to give you online Zoom consultations and readings, with an appropriate energy exchange of course in return. 

You’ll receive insights and a nice session and the students can make energetic flying hours, as I always call it. 

Do you want to receive help, support and insights for yourself, while also helping my students to become powerful, world-class EnergyJoy Practitioners? 

Sign up via my website for a 30 minute session or through the link in the shownotes. 


As you’ve heard in this podcast there are all kinds of beautiful shifts, chances to grow, expand and develop. All emanating from the frequency above The Golden Line. As soon as you step into the Vortex you can start downloading from the infinite Source-Drive. 

Is this something you’re mastering currently? Then you’ll already know that you can put down anything you want. 


Is this not yet the case, but you are ready to shift? 

Then I will gladly help you to transform your frequency and your life to the Next Level of Impact, Abundance & EnergyJoy for good! 


Do you want to be coached and mentored exclusively by me personally 1:1? Make an appointment for a Soul connection call, where together we will look at the options tailored to your situation, challenge, wishes, vision, goals and mission. 

I only have limited space due to my full agenda, so I’ll be taking applications in order of receiving them.  


I look forward to seeing you soon! Big hug from me.

And I wish you a lot of success! 


Love and see you soon!

X Lisette


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 110. The Vortex

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