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2nd february 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 105. 3 Powerful Action Steps That Will Shift Your Life Forever + Exclusive Call for Established, Soul-Centred, Service Based Entrepreneurs


Perhaps you want to take powerful steps, on your journey of soul-searching and your life mission - but where do you start? 


  • In this podcast you will discover Action steps for each of the 3 phases of the Architects plan of the Soul


  • So that you can immediately take inspired action on your journey of Powerful Awakening


  • Meaning you can live and propagate your mission and purpose even faster and more powerfully in your authentic way 


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Welcome to Podcast #105.


In podcast #104 I talked about Powerful Awakening, if you haven't listened to it yet, I advise you to do so first. For this podcast is a deepening and extension of Podcast #104, because in order to awaken powerfully, a very important step is needed!


And that step is?!?

What do you think?


That step is: ACTION!


Nothing happens without action! 

Without it you can sit in your room and visualise and dream to manifest, but then you stagnate the energy. So I'm going to take you through the Action Steps that I can offer you from my own experience and expertise.


And at the end I have an extra request for those who have already taken strong action and are sharing their message with the world right now. If that's you, I need your help. 


In podcast #104 I talk about the 3 Phases of The Architect's Plan of the Soul. This is what my mentor Mavis Pittilla calls it and I thought it was such a beautiful phrase. It’s not of my own creation, I got this from her and like to pass it on to you too.


I will repeat the phases again now, and as before feel straightaway which one resonates. (Only if you haven't already taken the test of course). But it’s important to know which phase you’re in for the Action Steps that come later, so that you can move on in alignment with powerful awakening to taking powerful action.


So first: where are you? Which stage are you in? 

In response to Podcast #104 I've made a lot of Soul Connection calls, with wonderful Soul Searchers, over the past few days and was moved and touched by the number of responses! 


It’s been great to read your answers to the questions you had to answer prior to the connection conversation. 

It's fantastic that so many of you want to take powerful steps and are super motivated to discover, live and propagate your mission and Soul purpose! 


So before I go any further I’ll repeat the phases again. 

Consider which stage you’re in, possibly you’re even in the transition between phases. 


Phase 1: You are still a bit asleep but you are about to wake up. (And you're listening to this now, so that's waking up.)

Phase 2: You have initiated that journey of discovery inward, set it in motion. You have  really taken steps forward. 

Phase 3: You have awakened and you are already sharing your message with the world. Only you want to push it further, bigger, make it better and more powerful. 


Where are you now on your 3 phase path of the Architects plan of the Soul?

Phase 1, 2 or 3? Or in transition? 


If you have this clear, then you know what action to take when you experience that Soul Pull, that attraction to the unknown lake. You’ll know what action to take to satiate that craving, that inexplicable pull and attraction to find answers and insights. 


Because I have of course also gone through all these phases myself, I can also strongly help you with that. Purely as an expert by now, so to speak. 

During my search I found out that there were certain 'gaps'.


Based on my own insights, or just call it my own pitfalls, which I encountered along the way, I gradually managed to resolve my struggles, challenges and bumps. Through trial and error I have found and created solutions for them. And because I want to help you avoid those time-consuming bumps and struggles, I am 100% sure that my developed roadmap is super powerful and effective during the unfolding of Your Architects Plan of the Soul.


So, do you feel that soul pull, that craving for more, that search for answers and insights, that need to serve, get your message across, to live your mission? To serve and contribute to the greater whole?


Do you feel that? Well, good news: then this is the podcast for you!

But on the other hand: Are you like, whut …  What are you talking about? I'm fine with my 9-5 job and have learned enough in my life already. I enjoy diving into University Netflix and Videoland as soon as I get the chance. That Soul & Mission thing is not useful to me. 


Then I also want to be very honest and certainly not waste your time. 

Because time is really the one thing we all have the same amount of. 

So please spend it the way that feels right to you.


Okay, now that we've got that clear: let’s move on!


And if you hear this and are still listening, I'm super happy that you're still here! Because then I know we speak the same language, and that makes my heart and soul jump with joy. Because honestly, I can't do it alone! I don't even want to do it alone!

Your help is needed so, so much! Together we can move so much more. 

And that is why I am now encouraging you to take action! Yes?! I'm going to say to you right now (because it is very important): Stop procrastinating. Stop the: 'Yeah but, what if and that …’, or ‘Is that for me?’, ‘Can I?'

Believe me, I had these too! Until someone gave me some kind of energetic kick to my behind, which made me realise that I really had something to do here on earth.


And yes, I also know that you know that in the deeper layers of your being! Sometimes it can’t be pinned down exactly what it is. But honestly without it you wouldn't even be listening to this.


So to get straight to the point. I'm going to present my solutions which I can help you with, whichever phase you are in right now.


Are you ready for it?

Here are the Action steps per phase that I can provide:


Phase 1: You are still somewhat asleep but you are against it, against waking up. 


Well, what have I created for this? Of course I've been here too. I've developed a kind of hyper-speed method to get through this phase very quickly. The solution I created is called the Master Your Intuition Academy. 

In 6 weeks I will take you through my digital online programme, that you can follow from your home over your computer, tablet or mobile. Here I teach you how to control your energetic vehicle and even use it to intuitively use your energy. Yeah, I also don't understand why they never taught that in school .. so, I created it. 


Super powerful and a wonderful introduction to awakening on an energetic and intuitive level.

I tell you: Everything is present at the core, so you can do this too!


Additionally for this phase I have many tools outside this programme to transform sub-conscious areas. Namely multiple hypnosis audio courses. They really accelerated everything very powerfully for me and my business! And you can use them during every phase, because know this from the offset: mindset work is absolutely essential to be successful. I do it myself several times a day. 

Because how can you really be successful? 

You must first unlearn old patterns and beliefs, which you have been taught and then also give back to those from whom you have temporarily borrowed it.


And then you come to Phase 2.


Phase 2: You have initiated that journey of discovery inward, set it in motion. 

Now you have a taste for more. Actually there is 'no way back!' which feels wonderful. You start to feel that you are becoming your real self and pieces are going to fall into place, bringing insights and answers.

Life will smile at you again. 


For this phase I developed the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy. 

This consists of 3 powerful Levels. After obtaining Level 3 you can start working as a recognised EnergyJoy Practitioner! Then I'll put my name on it. Yes, I have that much faith in this programme and this academy. For it’s super powerful and really life-changing.

Something nice to know about the programme: if it really resonates with you and you have a ‘I want to go for this!’ feeling; you can start the academy if you are still in Phase 1. Then you can learn and catch up at the same time which works really well too! 


If you first want to prepare slowly and get used to it step by step, then my Phase 1 programme: The Master Your Intuition Academy is the right choice for you. 


If you are in Phase 2 and have an attitude of: Bring it on! 

Then the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Pathway is the way to Shift your life and business to the Next Level!

A word of warning though: Life will never be the same again! But in the most positive way.

So buckle up and fasten your seat belts! You will learn a l